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  1. ok so I tried my hand last night at snack sticks.  I was using a 21 mm casings that came with the seasoning kit and was using my Cabelas Jerky Blaster with the small single tip.  Ok now for my questions

    1.  how do you easily load this thing without getting air pockets in it.

    2. should I be able to just slide the entire casing on the tip??  I had to open it up and slide it on cause the casing had a only about 1/4" hole in the middle when it was all bunched up??

    Thanks guys,  Sticks are stuffed up, sat overnight in the fridge and will be going in the smoker once they warm up.

  2. nepas

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    You get air pockets because the main tube had pockets or you can get them from pulling the casing faster than the meat coming out.

    Pull the casing length before you put on the casing tube. You more than likely will not get the whole casing length on the stuffing tube.

    However you did a great job and they look good.
  3. Nepas, thanks for the reply.  The air pockets where inside the stuffing tube from when I filled it.  Just looking for some tips so I can avoid that on the next batch cause I have a feeling that these won't be around very long when My roomates get intot them.
  4. shtrdave

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    You can cut something to fit in the tube to squeeze the air out like a plunger. I have found that rolling the meat into balls that drop in or logs seems to work well, I then pack in as much as I can by hand when it starts to get full and it expels most all of the air.

    Those look good, I have never tried to use my with casings.
  5. smokinal

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    They sure look good from here!
  6. couger78

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    Nice looking stix!

  7. nepas

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    get one them little yellow corn cob holder thingy jiggies with the metal pokers and poke a hole in the casing where the air pocket is.
  8. [​IMG]

    Got them finished up. 

    Some of the sticks wrinkled up nicely but most didn't.  Thinking I may have over stuffed them. 

    I am still learning my little cookshack smoker still. 

    Yes a few are missing, we had to taste test as they where getting close to temp.
  9. roller

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    Before I stuff the meat into the stuffer I take it and knead it like bread then shape it like the stuffer cylinder then stuff it in real tight...Works for me...good looking sticks...
  10. venture

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    Good advice here.  Punching the meat down in the stuffer helps eliminate air pockets.  Having the casings well soaked and straight when placing them on the horn helps.  Feeding them properly takes a little practice.  Pin pricks work for the small bubbles that might remain.  With practice you will have few air pockets, but I don't think you can ever totally eliminate them with some casings and some types of sausages.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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