LIVE EVENT! My First Brisket Smoke! 6/14/2014

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  1. Hey everyone, I am currently in the middle of my first brisket smoke of my life and I have a Tappecue internet enabled temp gauge so everyone can view the progression of the temps on the internet.

    EVERYONE can log in using the guest login feature.

    Username: MRF1959

    Password: MontySmoke

    Feel free to get on and see where I am temp wise.

    Probes 1 & 2 are the Point

    Probes 3 & 4 are the Flat

    You can log in using the Tappecue app for android or iPhone,, or iPad.  Download and watch my temps!

    I will also post a link to Picasa with all the pictures of this epic event once it is all done!

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    Hey SF, sounding good..... Be sure to post some Q view on here too ! :beercheer:
  3. [​IMG]   Cmon lets see that Brisket!!!  
  4. Ok,, its not even near done, but here is a quick shot I took with my phone of the brisket in my MES 40.

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  5. We also did some baby backs...... they are done and in da fridge!


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