light smoke from new MES design

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by hilltopper, May 11, 2010.

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    Just wanted to know if when the MES was redesigned that they ruined a good smoker by limiting the amount of chips you can put in and by adding a heat shield to the chip holder. I seems to me that it doesn't put out enough smoke. Did the original design work a lot better? Several other people have indicated that they had trouble getting their new smokers to smoke.
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    I haven't seen the new one up close and personal, but my older (2 years) 40" will smoke plenty enough. It has more (much more) room then I ever use. I generally start with a piece of charcoal and 2-4 chunks and a palm size of chips in there all at the same time. The chips get going first followed by the bigger pieces.

    If you're wetting your smoke wood try not doing it and see if that gives you more (and the domain name for Smokewood BBQ is for sale if anyone is interested! [​IMG]). Try using dry wood vs. green if that's the case. Smaller wood chips or little branches snapped short will smoke faster than larger stuff. Higher temps in the MES will keep the element burning more so will continue to heat and smoke (that's one reason I use the piece of charcoal- it tends to keep burning/smoking after it's lit even if the element isn't). Keep your top vent open enough to let the air flow if you're not now.

    Hopefully some of these tips will help, or if someone with the newer version has some tips, we'll just call my answer a "bump" to get it to the top! [​IMG]

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