Late start ,picnic shoulder on the kettle. Qview

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  1. Just got back to Massachusetts a couple days ago after 3 weeks in California. I'm having some trouble adjusting yet. That's why I'm off to a late start.
    On with the BBQ. Started last night by washing,skinning,trimming fat. Some simple little of this little of that rub. Added a little extra SPOG a few minutes ago and waiting for the chimney to get right. More pics to come.
  2. On the Master Built pro 26" kettle. KBB with some hickory and local choke cherry chunks. Probably end up in the smoke vault in a few hours, it's very windy and cool out. My girlfriend is making a smoked gouda mac n cheese with bacon. I'll toss it in the smoke vault later.
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    1967 RG, I'm in !
  4. About 2 hours in. Holding remarkably steady right around 275°F. I've done ribs,whole chickens and parts with good success on the kettle in the past. Never bothered to monitor temps,just indirect heat. I've compared the temps on this simple oven therm with my maverick, it's accurate.
    Stacked coals and chunks on the OD of the burn grate without it going all the around and lit one end with around 10 coals
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    Looks like you're off to a good start. How much does that hunk of pork weigh?

    Why are you going to put it in the Smoke Vault?
  6. Before I trimmed it up it was almost 10 lbs. I didn't think the kettle was going to hold so good in this weather but I was apparently mistaken lol.
    It hasn't used much charcoal yet. I'll let 'er rip until it runs out or won't hold temp any longer.
  7. Also have a weber kettle. I travel regionally a lot of the time and if I'm going to be on a job for an extended period of time,this comes with me.
    Anywho temps are so solid in the other kettle I decided to set it up get it lit and transfer the shoulder over to it when the Master Built is spent. From a huge old red oak stump I've been pecking at for years.
  8. IT is at 164°. Think I started the Weber prematurely.
  9. Getting really windy and cool. Temps are dropping. Preparing the smoke vault
  10. I also like the kettles and recently added the Slow-n-Sear to my 22.5" Weber. It works great at holding the temp steady. Read about the coals around the perimeter like you are doing and need to try it. Looking forward to how the cook turns out for you.

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