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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by meandmytwodogs, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. I'm lookin at buying a Landmann Black Dog 42" Smoker. I think this is a new model but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this grill. It runs $399.99 online and ships free to any local Ace Hardware. So I thought it was sweet. You know anything about this?
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    I saw one at the Sportsman's Warehouse near me today for $350. It looks like a nice grill. For the most part, it is pretty heavy guage material. The crank-lifted charcoal rack would be nice for grilling and the firebox is a nice size. I would have been really interested, if I wasn't there scouting out the CampChef Smoke Vault 24 for when we get back from Spring Break in San Diego. My brother, who works at Sportsman's, said that they hadn't sold any of the Landmann grills, but people usually buy CampChef stoves and tail-gating grills there. They also haven't sold any of the Smith & Wesson .38 Special and .44 Magnum grills that they have. I'm watching for the .44 Magnum to get marked down to $500.

  3. Thanks for the word
  4. Thanks for the words Shawn. I have not had the oportunity to see the BlackDog in person yet. Just read about it. No Sportsman's Warehouse in Omaha.
    Thanks again!

  5. Did you happen to notice if there is a baffle between the firebox and cooking area of the Landmann?
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    There's just a hole between the firebox and the main chamber. You could, however, raise the charcoal pan up to the level where it is above the hole and use it for a baffle. It looks like a nice heavy unit and should hold the heat well. Let me know if you have any more questions, I can go check it out again, to gain answers for you.

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  8. Holy crap you're right! LOL! How did I not notice that the stupid thing doesn't have a stack? Well, scratch that one off the list. I'm not going to purchase a grill that needs any mods this time. Last week I was telling my wife about all the mods for the silver smoker and that I thought I would just go that way and save some $$. She told me to spend the money to get the grill I want so I will be happy. We cook on the grill/smoker 3-4 times a week at any time of the year and can definetly bennefit from investing in a quality unit. The Brinkman PitMaster I have is near identical to the silver smoker and I have used it for the last 10 years. Time to upgrade!

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