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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by charcoal junkie, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. charcoal junkie

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    Anyone care to share their recipe for a good brine for a turkey?
  2. dingo007

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  3. bigace

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    1gallon water

    1/2 cup kosher salt

    1/2 cup brown sugar

    1 whole onion- quartered

    2 cloves of garlic

    black pepper corns


    your favorite BBQ spice
  4. chef willie

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    I use the Slaughter House brine as well.....makes a great turkey & I'm not a huge fan of brining.....Willie
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  5. timberjet

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    This is my favorite one. It made the best turkey I have ever had one easter.

    Ultimate Turkey Brine

    1.5 gallon ice water

    1/2 gallon hot tap water

    2 cups dark brown sugar

    1.5 cups Kosher salt

    1/4 cup Old Bay

    1 tsp chinese five spice

    juice of 2 lemons

    juice of 2 oranges

    Mix all ingredients with the hot water and stir until the salt and sugar is all dissolved add the ice water the ice and the bird. Brine for 45 minutes per pound. Rinse well and dry well before smoking.
  6. jirodriguez

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    I use the Slaughterhouse either as is or I add a few things to it to change the flavor profile a bit: citrus, poultry seasoning, cranberries, or whatever else strikes your fancy.
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