I'm Smoking 2 13lbs. Turkeys in BB GOSM

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by btircuit, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. btircuit

    btircuit Newbie

    I've never smoked more than one at a time. Anything I should do differently? Will the added mass make cook time longer? will the one on top rack cook differently than the one on bottom?
    This spadgecock method looks good so I think I'll try it.

    Also, I'm gonna use a buttermilk brine... what spices work well with it besides salt and sugar?

  2. richoso1

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    I'd try smoking at a hight temp till they hit 140° (danger zone), then you could back down the temp. Kepp an eye on your water pan, it does stabilize temps. Also, with the top vent wide open and the bottom vents closed to factory settings, the bottom rack will be the hottest. The racks above the bottom will be cooler.This has been my observations with my GOSM big block. I hope your method of knowing rack level temps is dependable, I replaced the original door therm, I installed three on my door. That is why I know abot the difference in heat levels based on the rack used. Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving my friend.
  3. chisoxjim

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    nice, Im using a buttermilk brine on a 6# bone in breast I am doing thursday,

    I use garlic(powder or fresh minced), green onions, brown sugar, kosher salt. Some thyme would be nice, or some cayenne and or hot sauce.

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