I Need a GOOD Summer Sausage Recipe!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ibebirdman, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. ibebirdman

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    Over the last year or so I have made 3-4 summer sausages recipes from Kutas, Eldon and others and to be honest, nothing has really blown my socks off.  I have the smoke and texture worked out to my taste, but it all seems rather bland (yes I use fresh spices), maybe I have burned out my tastebuds with too much Habanero Tabasco sauce over the years.

    I have trolled around this site and many others looking for things that look good or at least different. Most seem to be derivations of the same things.

    Anyone have a recipe that they think stands above the average summer sausage?


  2. checkerfred

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    The one from the Marianski's website is my favorite...

    I do add a little more mustard seed and garlic to mine tho
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  3. checkerfred

    checkerfred Smoke Blower

    Also I like the tangy summer sausage flavor so I use bactorferm in mine to ferment it
  4. ibebirdman

    ibebirdman Newbie

    I am not sure about the tangy flavor, I have tried both ECA and Fermento and neither really "spoke" to me.   

    I did stumble across a recipe last night that looked interesting looks to have about twice the spice per pound of meat than other recipes I have tried. The Nutmeg and Basil looking interesting too:

    Tangy Summer Sausage

    25 pound batch - 12 1/2 pounds lean beef or venison and 12 1/2 pounds semi-lean pork (the original recipe was a 50/50 mix but we like our summer sausage leaner - we changed this to 20 pounds venison and 5 pounds of pork for our liking)
    1 ounce - Cure #1
    12 1/2 Tablespoons - Salt
    5 Tablespoons - Onion Powder
    5 Tablespoons - Garlic Powder
    5 Tablespoons - Black Pepper (coarsely ground)
    2 1/2 Tablespoons - Mustard Seed
    5 Tablespoons - Sugar
    5 teaspoons - Nutmeg
    5 teaspoons - Basil
    5 teaspoons - Coriander Seed
    2 1/2 Cups - Ice Water
    1 1/2 Cups - Powdered Milk
    3 ounces - Encapsulated Citric Acid (ECA) ((this was not in the original recipe, we added it for a tang taste))

    Think I will give it a go,  Not really sure what I am looking for, but I will know it when I see/taste it

    Keep the suggestions coming!


  5. checkerfred

    checkerfred Smoke Blower

    I tried cultured buttermilk powder and it did nothing... I've used ECA and it's OK if you're in a pinch but nothing tastes like a true fermented sausage. You should look at the bactoferm line of cultures.... I used LHP and it's fast fermenting... I've just bought some F-LC and haven't tried it... I think it's a little more controllable... You can control fermentation with both your dextrose level and temp
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