Hump Day, Happy Wishes, & Wine!

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  1. Well Happy Wednesday Great Smoking and Wining Cookies!!!!

    Remember that "wining" & smoking, (atop a smoker that is) is better than WHining! OK enough editorial comments for one fine day!

    Listen, I had a simple grilled burger lunch, (ground camel meat, sliced tomato, and this kind of thing), and got to realizing that 
    Hump Day" is just a perfect time to CHANGE and turn anything at all around, which we do want.

    And so, here's some fun food & mood 'raised goblet' of CHEER, and with the wish that every person will change whatever direction they need right now, as to reach this week's end smoothly and how they wish! 

    Meanwhile, make everything delicious and delightful from this midcourse moment on!

    Sometimes a simple burger does do the trick!

    OK then, happy Hump Day to you!

    Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

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  2. bearcarver

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    This Thread must have gotten lost, and it's Awesome!!!

    I never had Camel, but those burgers look outstanding!![​IMG]

    I would definitely walk a mile for a Camel Burger!!![​IMG]

  3. Ha ha!!! (Your great commercial line Bear)!

    Thanks very much!

    These are so simple, but wow am I in love with them! A favorite indeed!!! Sometimes it really is the simplest things in life which bring such pleasure!

    Happy Friday to you!! I know you'll make it amazing!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  4. knuckle47

    knuckle47 Meat Mopper

    I can only wonder where the hell you find these exotic "foods ". I am in the most grossly overpopulated self indulging state and when I went to the supermarkets and local store looking for pork bellies to make bacon, they looked at me side ways. I can see my self walking into Shop-rite and asking where the freaking ground camel is kept !

    Keep it up....this is too refreshing and I enjoy reading them. By the way, you eat so much seafood, It surprised me that you hate boats so much.

    Signed.. Your friend, USGC 50 ton Master Captains license

    Knuckle47. ;)
  5. OK my pistachio shell mentor, (Knuckle47), I'll have you know that you officially CRACKED ME WELL UP - and with me emitting strong, loud, guttural laughter - and it's still bursting out in little bits, like a lunatic, with your response!

    Thank you for that! Entirely. I don't think that anybody laughs enough, (or I'm trying to increase that ratio in each day of mine), and you DID, for the record, make me laugh so much!

    I can imagine you waltzing into the store you described, and demanding that somebody get on "frozen meat" and get it together, because you can't find the "ground camel!" Smiles. You are hilarious!

    While mollusks are my favorite, and then fish and then seafood, I also downright adore exotic game meat and for years ordered it in thus (stocking the freezer each month and with arrivals coming on dry ice), and then recently discovered a little store here - or one hour's drive - that carried a couple things, not "everything" I wanted, but I am grateful nonetheless.

    And yes, on boats, (so kind of you reading my newsletter - thank you tons!!!), I am so AFRAID of them, and of being stranded out at sea! Terrified!

    Perhaps if having a really "good" boat experience, I'd change my mind - plentiful great food and libation involved - but haven't danced that dance out so far.

    Nonetheless, with your impressive license, and familiarity with enormous sea creatures therefore, I would trust your suggestions, and must say again, that I am STILL laughing, from your fantastic description - pork bellies not being there etc., and I can picture the people, and oh my, you did make me laugh!!!!

    OK, I'll calm down and try not to eat an entire OTHER enormous feast until tomorrow!

    And I'll "think" about boats, if you can advise me how to see them much differently. (Or if some Tomahawk grilled Zebra Chops, Smoked Giraffe Loin, roasted Peacock - with prunes, bay leaf etc. - and Raw Horse Meat steak tartare shall be served once I board)? And White Burgundy of course! That should do it indeed!

    Perhaps your store does have THOSE??? Smiles.

    Thank you again for the cathartic release!!! (Those aforementioned foods are the ones on my "still to try" list, and with great desire)!

    Cheers! - Leah

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