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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by pat m, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. pat m

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    im taking on the task of building a big 6x4x4 double walled smoker, now heres my question, insulation? is this a good enough insulation between the walls?

    Thermafiber® UltraBatt™ is a new residential and light commercial mineral wool insulation batt. UltraBatt is made with 70% pre-consumer recycled content and is fire resistant to temperatures over 2,000°F. UltraBatt provides thermal insulation, fire protection and sound control.
    • Designed for Wood Stud applications
    • R15
    • 3.5" x 15" x 47" each batt
    • 5 batts per package equal 24.5 sq ft
    • Unfaced
    • Mineral wool is more dense than traditional insulation batts, the added density improves sound control
    • UltraBatt is ideal for walls between bedrooms, exterior walls, basement walls and ceilings, bathrooms, home theater walls and dividing walls in multi-family housing.
    • Mold Resistant
    • Easy to Install
    thanks ahead for any input givin!!!
  2. woodcutter

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    I contacted Thermafiber's technical support and was told it is made from molten slag. When melting iron the impurities rise to the top and form slag. This byproduct is heated to a molten state and spun forming the microfibers. The same process is used for making fiberglass only glass is used.

    Thermafiber would not say if it is safe for food or not. They said Owens Corning does the manufacturing and could be reached at 1-800-get pink.
  3. pat m

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    ok thanks alot
  4. clearprop

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    So is Thermafiber UltraBatt O.K. to use or not so much? How does this compare to the way Roxul is made? Is all "mineral wool" NOT created equal/safe to use? What is highly recommended?

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