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  1. mwalters306

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    I am looking to IMMEDIATELY move this Cookshack smoker as our restaurant has closed and we will not be reopening in the near future.

    The smoker is in very good shape, and INCLUDES the rib rack system and the vent hood system.

    We paid $13,000 total for this unit, but I want to move it quick so I'm looking for nowhere near this price ($5,000 is my hope!) BUT... offers please!!

    We are located in Regina/Saskatchewan/Canada so if you can pick it up, it would be great, but I can arrange to crate and ship at your cost.

    Please PM me immediately.
  2. 1chunkybob

    1chunkybob Newbie

    Still got the sm360 ?
  3. moonshine44

    moonshine44 Newbie

    Hi, I'm interested in your smoker if you still have it. My email is [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Tom Sprague
  4. smokindees

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  5. r vanders

    r vanders Newbie

    is this unit still for sale

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