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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tmfq, May 24, 2016.

  1. tmfq

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    Been lurking for the past few weeks since I recently purchased a MES 30' I am absolutely in love with this thing im new to the smoking world but I am loving it.. Below i will throw up some pics of what I have done. Glad to be here. Thanks for the info. 
  2. tmfq

    tmfq Newbie

    Here she is brand new in all her Glory. During the seasoning process

    Figured the first thing I would attempt is a brisket. Wasn't too bad could have been a little more tender. I think this was due to me trying to figure this smoker out. (first one I have ever owned or used). The other was i think due to the fact that what i chose had too much fat. Was moist but not as tender as I had wanted. All in all not bad tho. 

    I smoked smoke green beans with onion and Whiskey barrel chips i loved the flavor wife hated it. In the pic is also a pork loin which im pretty sure the smoking gods blessed me because it was absolutely amazing and delicious. I also did a smoked spicy mac n cheese. Which was great with the Hickory Chips.

    Tonight I tried Chicken Tender Breasts. Brined in a simple salt water solution with a little soy. Coated in Mayo and my rub. Smoked with cherry for about an HR @ 240. They turned out great.

  3. tmfq

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    Could anyone tell me why my brisket sucked lol
  4. mike5051

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    Welcome to SMF!  We could use a bit more information.  What was the IT?  At what temp did you smoke it?  How much did it weigh?  You stated that it was moist and not that bad, what part sucked?

  5. smokinal

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    Welcome to the forum.

    It's pretty simple, if your brisket was chewy it wasn't cooked long enough.

    Start checking it at an IT of 195, use a toothpick & check it in several places.

    The toothpick should go in like room temp butter.

    You may have to take it to 205 to get that tenderness your looking for.


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