How to install stove rope?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by number41, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. number41

    number41 Newbie

    I bought some stove rope at Lowes and followed the instructions to install it.  Left it over night and checked it this morning and it didn't seem to be holding very firm.  Grill is new so no grease, dirt, etc.  Should I have sanded down the paint/metal before I applied the adhesive??  

    I'll check it again after work today so that'll be ~19 hours but I'm not very optimistic.
  2. daveomak

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    A good cleaning of the surface, where the rope was applied, with alcohol or paint thinner then a sanding to scuff the surface may have worked... 

    I'm not familiar with the package instructions on "HOW TO"...
  3. number41

    number41 Newbie

    I took the dremel to it and removed all the paint.  Cleaned with alcohol, dried it off and reapplied the sealant.  i'll check it in the morning.  
  4. number41

    number41 Newbie

    OK, for future reference that seems to do much better.  It's still not perfect because I guess the stove has a "channel" the glue/rope can sit in whereas the grill surface is just flat.  

    It did one side at a time and the last side is drying.  The real test will be when I put the lid back on the grill.  
  5. number41

    number41 Newbie

    Well, one of the pieces of rope came off when I went to season my grill.

    Not sure I can reapply the cement due to how runny it is.  If I took the lid back off and placed it on its side then I could.  

    Would the red rtv gasket maker attach the rope to the side?  That would be easier and I still have alot of it left.  Guess it's worth a try but I wanted to ask if anyone else has used it to attach stove rope.

    Also, kinda hard to explain but the front is the only place I didn't apply the rope and it leaks decently.  But putting the rope there might make the other parts not seal as well.  So, how do folks use the RTV to make a gasket for the lid?  Something about applying it to one side and then using saran wrap when you close it so it doesn't stick while it's forming.  Any specifics?  

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