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  1. So I have a Lang 36" hybrid, and I've noticed over the last year rust has started building up around the outside of the firebox.  It wasn't bad, so I took a grinder and knocked it off, and I've put about 4 separate coats of stove paint over the areas that were affected.  Is that enough, or should I continue with a couple more coats?  I'm not sure how many coats you guys typically apply.

  2. Hello.  I am no expert but I would think 4 should be enough.  Maybe someone who knows more will show up.  One tip I can give is one I learned here from a long time member ( thanks Stan ).  When finished cooking allow the smoker to cool to the point you can put your hands on it without burning ( still pretty warm ).  Then wipe down the outside cooking chamber and firebox with vegetable oil ( you can use spray but it's more expensive ).  Allow the smoker to then cool to the point is is just above warm to the touch and wipe off any excess oil.  You will see some smoke coming off the smoker as you fire it up for your next smoking adventure but doesn't affect the food.  Sounds a pain to do but I'll bet you paid a pretty good price for that Lang and I am sure you want it to last.  Can't be any harder than wire brushing and repainting.  Just food for thought.  Hope this helps.  Keep Smokin!

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    Only painted mine twice and no oil used. That was three years ago and still looks good. I do roll it inside when not in use.

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