How do I get good crispy chicken?

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  1. Wasn't sure where to put this on the forums so I decided to put it here.

    I have tried forever to make Crispy Chicken, but it just never seems to come out even close to being crispy.  Is their any good suggestions on how to make it come out nice and crispy?  My favorite is Buttermilk chicken fried in Lard. but of course it never comes out crispy.

    Thank You for your help and suggestions.
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  2. sprky

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    Short of deep frying I can't say, what's going to help. Now if you throw a chicken on the grill or under a broiler after smoking you can crisp up the skin. 
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    The Key to Crispy Fried Chicken is Double fry and not too much coating...Coat up your Chicken in the Buttermilk and Seasoned Flour then Rest for 30 minutes...Heat oil to 350*F and add Chicken, temp will drop to 325*...Fry at 325* for 10 minutes. Remove from oil and rest 10-15 minutes or while frying remaining Chicken...Heat oil to 350*F and re-fry until Golden Crispy and an IT of 165*F for Breasts and 175*F for Thighs/legs...The BIGGEST mistake people make is trying to fry the Jumbo Chicken pieces most stores package...There is a reason they call 3 pound Whole Chickens FRYERS...Cut your own Whole 3Lb Chickens into pieces, save backs for Soup, or look for Small Pieces for frying...The Monster 1 Lb Breasts and Leg quarters are better for the Smoker!...JJ
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    Yep double fry them. First fry just cooks it and then the second fry crisps it. I never bread my wings for buffalo wings tho.

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  5. It also can be done in the oven or a dry smoker.

    I incorporate some baking powder in to the dry rub and them heat the skin with a hair drier until it's dry to the touch. (don't use an acid if using the baking powder.)

    The baking powder raises the ph improving browning as well as breaking the peptide bonds in the protein which makes the skin super crispy.

    The skin comes out incredibly crispy when done right, even crispier than frying.

    Temp must be at least 350 degrees, hotter is better.

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    I can make crispy chicken by starting out low and slow over coals or wood on an open pit and have the fire well away from the meat but good heat. it takes about 2 hrs to get the chicken to start rendering fat and I only use dark meat and actually overcook because of the fattier content of the chicken which will make it crispy yet still moist.......... This chicken was crispy and better than any kfc or without deep frying......

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    SHEA HI.

    Darrell here from Alberta I do this and works for me I partially cook me chicken in the oven before I fry it no coating. THEN I put the coating on don't ask me how I know this!!!!! then make sure oil is hot 325 and get to fryin pre cooking dosnt let the oil cool down when you put the chicken in cooling oil leaves things mushy good luck[​IMG]
  8. I mix half peanut oil half vegetable oil. Get the oil nice and hot and slightly above your cooking temperature. Cut the chicken in even pieces and let them come to room temperature before coating and cooking. Fluctuating or unstable oil temperatures and cold meat tend to make it harder to get it nice and crispy. Let me know how it works for you. BTW add a teaspoon of sesame oil for a nice unique flavor.
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    Good crisp chicken?

    Let it dry and form a pellicle first. Take your chicken out the bag the day before, wash, rinse, pat dry and put on a tray uncovered in the reefer over night. If brined or rubbed this even more important.

    The next day, make your coating whichever way is your favorite. Then coat and fry.

    Me, I double coat, once with plain flour to encapsulate the chicken Let it set a few mins. to garb hold but not turn into dried paste, then in a egg/buttermilk/crystal hot sauce wash and in the final coating (I usually use flour and corn starch 5 to 1 ratio with spices added). then in a HOT skillet (250 to 375). test with a piece first if unsure of the temp. Never turn the grease temperature lower than where you started the chicken, it lets the coating absorb the grease. Its hot grease use common sense.

    Some spices/seasoning burn, ruining the grease. Its very important because if you want good chicken or any fried food you need clean tasteless grease. Paprika and garlic come immediately to mind as a taste bomb. Some use self rising flour, taste bomb. Simple done right always trumps fancy that is marginal. 

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    There are many recipes and youtube videos on how to get crispy skin roasted chicken.

    Try them and you will find out very few actually give you true crispy skin. That's because people lie and most often people can't tell the difference between crispy skin from browned skin. This include famous chefs and America's Test Kitchen.

    This method works well:

    and look for videos on how the Chinese make Peking duck.


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