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  1. my right side is hotter than my left side there is a steel plate angle down to force the firebox heat down and across the bottom of the smoker. is the right side useless r do i put my water pan there r do i make plate longer any suggestions



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    There are mods you can do to even out the heat.. until you make some changes, you are stuck using the right side as a water heater and placing the food on the left side. A water pan will even out your heat to some degree (pun intended) but not completely.

    Looks like you have a deflector but it's not working that well.. you may need a tuning plate as shown on this thread:

    Do a search above for "Horizontal Offset Mods" and you should find some good reading material to set you in the right direction.
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    here's what old country does with there bigger rigs (Tuning Plates).  same concept, just down size.  i used 3/16" plate in my cheap a** new braunfels.

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