Horizontal Bottom feed 120 gallon build

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  1. The gas pig roaster I made for a buddy is back from the sand blaster waiting for him to paint it this weekend, so I decided to start a 120 gallon wood fired one, the section cut out of the bottom of the tank becomes the heat deflector/water pan, I've made quite a few bottom feed smokers,and the temps are vey even throughout, draft control isn't a problem as they draft like a vertical smoker, and stack height isn't a major factor in the construction, I build the cubic inch firebox for a offset, it's just on the bottom. I've had a broken leg since sept, but it's now in a aircast, so I can't do the day job, so I'm building a few smokers to keep from getting Cabin Fever. Tuesday I cut the tank and added the firebox flange on the bottom, yesterday I built the firebox and capped the ends of the tank,and put in the charcoal/wood grate tracks, today I'll add the legs and wheels,so I can take it off the build stand, I build my smokers upside down so all welding is easier, then set it on it's own wheels to add the cook door and grate tracks. This firebox will have side opening "Barn Doors' the firebox open on the opposite side of the smoker from the prep shelf and cook door.


  2. Didn't get as far as I wanted this weekend ! Buddy came to paint the gas pig, Brought BEER !! watched him instead of welding, Good excuse is possible fumes !! put 4 coats of rustoleum BBQ on main roaster,going to paint cart and lower area Gloss Black. I got the bottom in the firebox,and the legs and wheels on, I'll put the firebox doors on tomorrow,so all the lower welding is done,and take it off the build stand to cut the cc door,and add the cooking grate tracks,and front shelf.


  3. Finally got some time to work on the 120 gallon bottom feed smoker, finished up the firebox and fb doors and latches today,and got it on its own wheels. the fbox opens from the back side,the CCdoor and shelf i'll do on the frontside tomorrow.

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  4. Got some more time on the bottom feed, got the cc door cut, hinged,and sealed, the handle on, swing down front shelf done,and a shelf on the end for remote therms.


  5. Got the rest of the Bottom feed built over the weekend, made the draft butterflies,stack on, and slide out wood/charcoal box made.

    Going to the sandblaster tomorrow morning.


  6. Bottom feed back from sandblasting. I leave the gratr tracks out till after sandblasting, so my guy can do a good job on the inside. Put the tracks in today for three 21by42 cooking grates on anti tip tracks.

  7. Started Painting, Had to pick it up from each end with a Cherry Picker to paint the bottom of the firebox, Smoker will be Black and red like my little rev flow.


  8. 120 Gallon Bottom feed done. Painted it to match my 26 gallon reverse flow Briskit smoker I use in comps.


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