Hi-temp Paint Questions??

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by smok'n steve, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. smok'n steve

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    I know that a lot of you have used the Hi- Heat spray cans sold at your local hardware stores. They are usually Flat Black, but the spray width on those cans makes it difficult to get a good paint job. Any ideas on which is the best paint, best sheen to use, and best way to apply it? I know some of you BDS owners have some KICK*** paint jobs out there.

    Anyone ever buy it by the quart? Ever use a semigloss? Ever have good results rolling it on with a fine foam roller. I have a residential paint sprayer but I usually use it for houses and it sucks up a gallon just to fill the hoses. I know that an Automotive style sprayer would be the way to go with a large paint job, but figured I would see what you guys have had good results with.
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    steve I never have used hi temp outta a can-as far as sprayer I have a couple HVLP's I use when painting cars or my clear finishes on wood-I have bought a couple cheap 1's from harbor freight for BS work around here,when I don't want to use my good 1's-they will spray decent.as far as paint u can get at auto paint place but u will need primer & thinner-pretty spendy.not sure what others use.sorry.
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    I don't paint, but I have seen little air brushes for like 40 bux... use compressed air and have like a 2 Oz can at art shops.
  4. Go to an automotive parts store, and there is a brand of paint called VHT in aerosal spray cans, and comes in many many colors.

    It's rated at 1300F degrees I believe, and you can get semi gloss or even a wrinkle finish if thats what suits you.
  5. smok'n steve

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    Thanks for the Paint tips guys, any others, feel free to post your ideas/experiences or links. Much appreciated:)

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