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  1. I am a novice I use a Masterbuilt electric smoker hickory chips. water and apple juice in the water tray. followed a recipe for pulled pork i found online. had a 5+ lb pork butt. rubbed overnight. set smoker for 12 hours at 230 degrees was gone most of the day. upon returning I sprayed the Butt with apple cider vinegar/apple juice mix a couple of times during the last 2 hours of cook time after the 12 hours, i wrapped the butt in aluminum foil and let rest for approx 30 min

    the meat sliced quite nicely, tasted fabulous nice bark, no way could it be pulled apart only cut with a knife. How did I screw up.

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  2. chewmeister

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    Didn't cook it long enough. You didn't say how big the butt was or the final IT. I've had pork butts go as long as 16 hrs to get to 200 IT.
  3. crankybuzzard

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    It needed to go longer. You can't cook to time, the butt needed to hit its optimism temp I've had them ready to shred at 195 and others not until 200. When the bone pulls out clean, it'll shred.
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    Yep.  What they said.  You need to cook a butt to an internal temp of 205*.  Then it will be so tender, the bone will almost fall out by itself and the meat will pull VERY easily.  I usually pull mine off the smoker at about 165* IT, foil it, and put it in the oven at about 250* until the internal temp reaches 205*

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    Cook to 200 - 205 IT.

    Also recommend just using only water in your water pan.  The apple juice isn't really doing anything for you in the pan.  Spritz with it if you want to impart the flavor.
  6. Thanx to all who responded, I will cook to IT and not to time in the future I have never been known form my patience.So much the better, any recommendations on source for cooking time for various cuts and styles of meats.

    again Thanx 

    Smokin Gramps
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    You really can't cook to time unless your boiling eggs...  Boiling water is a known temperature.  Even ovens for cakes, pies, etc., aren't perfectly accurate.

    My BBQ mentor told me many years ago, the only thing you need with numbers and a dial on it while at the pit, is a thermometer.  Just too many variables for timed BBQ

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