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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dondford, Aug 23, 2013.

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    I now have two fails smoking salt.  My first attempt was with Kroger brand Kosher salt; the Kroger brand is as fine grained as regular table salt.  I used a 30" MBE smoker with soaked hickory chips but no water in the water pan.  The smoke vent was set as normal for my regular smoking..  I spread it thin on alum foil on the racks. This batch I smoked about 3 hours at 200 F.  Nothing!  No color nor smoke favor. 

    I did a little reading on this forum then made the second attempt.  This time I used coarse Morton Kosher salt, spread on metal mesh splatter guards and using the 30 MBE smoker and soaked hickory chips but this time I did 8 hrs @ 275 F.  I  added a little water in the water, shut the vent 98% closed and added chips several times.  With these changes I had high hopes.  Again, nothing!!  Maybe a little color but no smoke favor.
    What am I missing, what am I doing wrong?
    Any suggestions, advice, thoughts greatly appreciated.

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    Don, evening..... skip soaking the chips.... skip the water in the pan.....   Salt loves water and will bypass the smoke to get it.....  Dave
  3. I have done salt, did it in a foil pie pan, I had it bit thick in there though.  I put it my MES at 225 degrees, used a mixture of Apple and Hickory chips, vent mostly wide open.  Did 3 - 2 - 1 ribs, stirred the salt every time the door was opened.  Got good colour and I have not tasted it yet, I am letting it have it's week of rest as I type.  But I think it worked good, will do more in my next smoke, on Sunday the 25th.  We will have to see how excited my neighbour gets when I fire up my smoker.  Last week, as I smoked my ribs, he had his girl friend go and get 3 packages more and smoke them also.  I had smoke on for over 12 hours last Sunday, 2 full loads of ribs.

    Are you letting the salt get it's week rest in sealed plastic bag? Before trying it?  Maybe that is your problem.

    [​IMG]      [​IMG]
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  5. Yup what Dave said ^  I smoke a lot of salt in my MES 30 using an AMNPS. I use coarse sea salt & never any water in the pan.

    This is the size I use.

    I put it on a grease spatter guard that I cut the handle off of.

    I use a pizza pan under it to catch any fine crystals that fall through & to carry it to the smoker & back.

    When it's done I don't bother with a bag I put it directly in the glass jars that I store it in.

    This method of smoking salt works great for me  [​IMG]
  6. eman

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    Sea salt or kosher salt is the ticket. I just cold smoke w/ the AMNPS in my MES 40, unplugged.
  7. dondford

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    Third attempt a fail! and my theory why:  I used Morton Kosher salt, a dry pan, dry chips and 275 F for 7 hrs (same batch I already smoked for 8 hrs. so it has 15 hours with no to little color)  I think all you guys are using sea salt nut I am using Morton Kosher "style" salt.  It is not flaked but is probably regular mined salt but with a coarser grind.  I'm guessing there is something about the crystalline structure of this type salt that won't let it take the smoke.  I have 4 lbs. of sea salt coming from SaltWorks and I will try again.

    Thanks to all your guys for your help.


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