Green tint on Smoked Back Bacon

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by szejin, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. szejin

    szejin Newbie

    Hello folks!

    Good day to you. I've just gotten my hands on trying to make some Back Bacon with pork loin.

    I cured the meat for ~ 10 days (I accidentally left it in for too long) in a 140mL solution (water + honey) that has approximately 1.3g of 5% curing salt - works out to be about 490ppm.

    I followed this calculator:

    Right now, after smoking the meat, I've tried frying up some and it tastes delicious - but the green tint is worrying, and I wouldn't be able to share it with my family without having a good explanation for that.

    Did the green tint appear because it was over-cured? I've cured belly bacon as well and have seen the tint every now and then - which leads me to wonder if I'm doing things correctly at the moment.

    Cheers and Thank you in advance!
  2. amy may

    amy may Newbie

    How green is green? I have often seen a sort of greenish metallic tinge even on shop bought bacon.
  3. szejin

    szejin Newbie

    It is not too obvious through the picture (ignore the belly bacon!) but you can see some metallic/greenish tinge on the meat. Its a lot lesser through the picture, but very obvious when cooking it earlier. Nearly the entire slice was covered with the metallic tinge.
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  4. amy may

    amy may Newbie

    Did it disappear when it was cooked?
  5. szejin

    szejin Newbie

    I didn't notice any tint before frying. It was very very obvious once it hit the pan for a bit, then became lesser, but still obvious after frying.
  6. amy may

    amy may Newbie

    That is strange!! I hope someone a little more scientific than me can help! I have seen the green translucent tinge on uncooked bacon but when I fried it it just went a sort of opaque pink.
  7. szejin

    szejin Newbie


    I came across this thread while searching for more information - I hope it'll be helpful to you!

    Anyways, I think for now I'm more curious to see if there is a way to avoid the metallic green tint.

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