Great Apple Brine & Apple Rub For Chicken or anything

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  1. Hot & Spicy Brine

    1--Gal.--Water, 1---Gal.--Apple Juice,  1--Cup---Sugar.   1/2 Pound--Jalapenos sliced

      2--Tbs--Crushed Red Pepper

    Apple Rub

    Coat Chicken with Mayonnaise 1st before adding Rub

    6--Tbsp.--Ground Apple,  3--Tbsp.--Brown Sugar,  3--Tbsp.--Sugar, 2--Tbsp.--Salt--(Coarse--Kosher),  1--Tsp.--Paprika,

     1--Tsp.--Garlic Powder,  1--Tsp--Ground Black Pepper, (optional)--1--Tsp--Cayenne Pepper

    I used apple wood chips set temp. 260 time about 2 hours pull when breast temp. hit


    To make dried apples take cookie sheet spray or butter slice 3 or 4 apples vary thin

    salt & put brown sugar on apple slices to dry out put in oven at 150  for 3 hours after it

    appears that  they are drying take out let rest over night & when they are vary crunchy

     in morning they are ready to grind them.

    I did my chicken Spatch Cock it came out great & tasted great I did 2 chickens

    I smoked it in mt Mess--40--------Ken
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  2. Sounds like a great brine and rub...but where are the photos?   :)

  3. No Photos because my wife drop camera last week & broke it & have not got a new one yet

  4. Thanks for the recipe!
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    Sorry to hear about the camera

    Thanks for the recipe [​IMG]
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    The rub you have posted is a slightly modified version of  "Pig's Worst Nightmare", the original uses turbinado sugar(as well as brown sugar) and skips the cayenne pepper.

    I know this because it is a very popular rub with BBQers everywhere. I have also modified it to suit my tastes by substituting cinnamon for the garlic. My version is in the Wiki section of SMF-, scroll down, it's the third recipe down.

    The original was posted in 2007 by a user called "Portergolf" here-

    I love using that apple rub on pork loins and pork tenderloins.

    BTW you can buy dried apples, I use dried Granny Smith's in my rub.
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    Both recipes sound good. Thanks!
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    Trying this tomorrow.

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