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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by ishbbq, May 30, 2014.

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    My new "Boss Hog" arrived and I put him together. I'm a little bummed out, but not much, because the lid is warped and does not fit correctly! No worries though. I spoke with Char-Griller and they are going to get me a new lid. This is my 2nd CG so I am familiar with their customer service which has always been great for me.

    I also picked up some tools and supplies so I can do a couple of mods.  I'm definitely going to do the sealing mods, and I bought some high heat silicon gasket to help out with that. I'm also going to do the mod I saw that uses angle iron to create a lip around the main chamber that will be stuffed with fire rope. Lastly, I am going to put some decent thermometers at the grate level. 

    No need for the smoke stack mod in my opinion, so I'm passing on that one. I also use the charcoal pan as a heat baffle by flipping it upside down. That worked very nicely on my Smokin' Pro, and I have no doubt it will be great on the Outlaw. Lastly, there is no need for a charcoal basket in my case, because I will be burning sticks. [​IMG]

    I don't have the warming rack mounted because there's no need until I get my new lid, but I did layout my extra space mod for you all to see. The Outlaw is huge, and wide enough to support all three of my warming racks I got from Bed Bath and Beyond for $10. These are great for cooking a bunch of additional food, although, you can't use these at the same time you have the warming rack in, but they do give you great flexibility.

    Anyway, I'll be glad when my new lid get here so I can put this dude to work!
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    Looks like a nice rig you got there. 

    Now smoke something up and let us see how it does? [​IMG]
  3. I've been using a modded up chargriller outlaw for the past few months. I'm really happy with mine. It's turned out some great bbq.
    Good luck with yours!!!

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  4. ishbbq

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    I have seen your posts, and you have done a great job with the smoker. Where did you get your charcoal basket? 

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