Got a huuuge brisket.. my what?

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by jbomx363, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. I've only smoked a couple butts, fatties, chicken and pork roast...

    Had the wife pick up a brisket on sale, wanted a 10-12..she came back 18lb'er.

    I've read and read and want to try and tackle my 1st brisket...and I'm skert of it.

    I'm pretty sure.. I'll be trimming to 1/4"..and leaving the point on..smokin fat cap down.

    Since it's 18lbs... is this really going to take me approx. 27+ hours too cook??

    That's going to be a lot of tending to throwing chunks in the smoker.

    Any other tips??
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    Nice size brisket!

    Tell us a little about the smoker your cooking it in........

    If you cook at a higher temp it will decrease your cook time.....
  3. [​IMG]   And WAY TO GO on the brisket.  My Dad used to say even if you screw up; DO IT BIG!  [​IMG]  Go for it.  Keep Smokin!

  4. I'm using a MB XL propane.
  5. yeh thatll be no problemo for the long as ur not 225'n it, you should be fine., lol
  6. Hello jbomx363.  You are gonna get so many different techniques you may wish you hadn't asked. [​IMG]   Here is my 2 cents.  Been doin brisket a while now.  I NEVER trim.  Do that with you slice.  I don't use rubs or sauces but sometimes will use a mop, I like the taste of the meat and smoke to shine.  I ALWAYS cook fat side UP, thought being the melting fat bastes the meat.  I cook at 325-350 range.  I don't wrap my brisket.  Keep plenty of beer on hand for the stall.  HOLD YOUR NERVE and trust your meat therm ( test it first ).  Having said all that there may be some folk who say I full of it.  Won't be the first time. [​IMG]  Just my technique.  Don't forget the Qview.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  7. Where should I be as I planned 225-235.

    But..27+ hrs.? How much higher can I go and how much would it cut down the time, without drying/toughing it?
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  8. i do all mine between 250-265.. i did a 14lb'r in 10hrs. i think the highest i went on that smoke was about 272-3ish. pulled it at 205* and put 'er to sleep!
  9. Thanks n thanks... going to give it a go either this weekend or for the 4th.
  10. Please see above for my temps.  As for time, MAN; depending on the stall I would think anywhere between 16-20 hrs.  Maybe some other  folk can get ya closer but in my experience each brisket has a mind of it's own.  Done when it's done.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  11. Thanks KC....Maybe I'll split the difference of ya'lls low temps. and go for..287.5  [​IMG]
  12. really any of those temps will do, you just have to mind ur IT*. thats how youll know when the time comes, times are just estimates and nothing more. in a perfect world with out stalls or wind, or anythng else we could possibly put an exact time on a brisket smoke. lol. good luck bud.
  13. My time may have been a bit long.  At 287.5 with a 5 mile an hour wind and a 1.75 hr. stall it will take 12 hrs 37 min. and 30 sec..  EXACTLY!   UNLESS it's Friday, in which case add 23.9 min..  [​IMG]   Good luck anyway.  Keep Smokin!

  14. [​IMG]

    But.. I think your math is off just a little.

    Serious note, I understand about IT...was looking for ball park so I know approx. when to start this behemoth.
  15. NO!  NO!  You forgot to factor in you are on central time.  Now if it's Friday PACIFIC time it's 27.4 minutes. [​IMG]   Seriously now.  If this monster needs to be done at a certain time for an event my advice is to cook it the day before  and start VERY early.  Briskets do what briskets do.  And they are done when they are done.  I would bump my temp to at least 300.  Just my 2 cents.  Trust the therms, and HOLD YOUR NERVE!  Foiling around 160-165 can also speed it up so I hear.  Good luck with it my friend and lets us know how things turn out.  Keep Smokin!

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    Jbomx, you'll do good... just be "Patient" [​IMG]  Really "Patient" [​IMG]

    Have fun and ...
  17. I'm very sorry.  I didn't actually answer your last question.  I would allow MINIMUM 16 hours if you are around 300 temp.  My opinion.  Hope this helps.  Keep Smokin!

  18. Thanks again.. I feel a little better about doing this. Think I'll go buy a spare propane tank now too. [​IMG]
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    Listen no matter what you do, no matter who you follow, you can't mess that brisket up. Relax and enjoy your smoke, seriously. Like a pretty smart guy always says, Patience. The nice thing is you are going to eat it, it will be good, its your first brisket and you'll remember it.  Seriously, if you cook it to IT the rest is all just mods that you'll continuously adjust looking for your perfect smoke. There is no perfect way, only what you cook and enjoy this time.

    Don't forget the search engine also. Get out a pen and paper and figure out what you'll try this time, then next time what you liked and didn't like and how you plan to alter it to achieve your perfect smoke. Its what its all about. Its the zen of the pit.

    Excuse my manners, I was brought up better. Welcome to the boards, great place with great ideas and inspirations. The folks here are all awesome and will give you more info than you can possibly digest, (pun intended there). The Guru's, OMG they know more than you can write down, AND they are pretty quick. If you have not signed up for the 5 day E course its a great starting place, AND if you are a serious smoker there are some excellent books you can get also.

    Enjoy your stay and don't get too overwhelmed. If I can assist in any way, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Again its a pleasure to meet you, and welcome to my addiction.

    ::EDIT:: I completely forgot to tell you there are quite a few coonass on the board so don't worry about needing an interputer... (chuckles)
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    I agree with the guys about hotter. your split difference temp is good for me. As stated if you need for a certain time either cook the day ahead or leave room for a long stall. I am on the fence with wrap or not, just keep an eye on it and make adjustments as needed.....but make a pan to catch the dripping to make an Aus Jus with. In my signature is how I am doing mine. I have gotten mixed reviews on the rub. Some say perfect and some say salty and others want more. But the Aus Jus is always a home run.

    Ok trimming I am a little more decided on. I trim to 1/4" and cook fat side up. This way when I go to slice it I will leave the rendered fat on top as part of the bark. This way I do not have to trim it after cooking and loose all of the bark and rub to that seasoned my brisket.

    Please share your pics and experience with us......

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