Gonna do my first briskett saturday what rub should I use?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by pandemonium, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. pandemonium

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    and injection should  I do? These two reasons i have been intimidated by a brisket, anyone have just ans easy rub and injection where i dont have to buy thirty dollars worth of ingredients.

  2. jirodriguez

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    With brisket I like to keep it simple so as not to cover up the flavor of the beef. I skip injecting it, and for the rub I keep it simple: salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, chili powder, and a little bit of cayanne powder. Main thing is don't rush it.
  3. Simple is better. By the way I love the pic of your smoker. The radioactive symbol on the front is awesome.
  4. mythmaster

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  5. What marinade do you use mythmaster? I love marinades. [​IMG]
  6. mythmaster

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    The same one that's in the WIKI link above (I added that entry).  It's a composite of several that I hand-picked through.
  7. So you marinate it for how long? then dry it off and apply the rub and smoke as normal? Do you foil your brisket at 165?
  8. mythmaster

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    I marinate overnight 8-12 hours, don't really dry it off but shake off the access -- just so it's moist enough to hold the rub, then rub it and let it sit out for an hour while the smoker heats up.  Then I'll smoke it as normal -- sometimes I'll foil it at 165-ish, but I'll wait until I'm pretty happy with the bark first.  My last one was pretty small, and I didn't foil it at all.
  9. Thanks MythMaster I will give that a shoot sometime.
  10. I used McCormic Montreal Steak seasoning on the last one I did and it was really good.  The coarsly ground spices stand up really well to the long cook time. 
  11. forluvofsmoke

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    Hey Pandemonium,

    I don't inject anything for 2 reasons: (1) extra work and ingredients which don't always have a huge positive impact on the finished product and the resulting texture from the injection sites can throw folks off a bit, and, (2) once injected, the meat can no longer be treated as a whole muscle, so the internal temp needs to be over 140* in 4 hours. On a med/lg full packer (14-18lb), this can be difficult even under the best of conditions. Low and slow (225-240*) likely will not get you to safe temps in time.

    Brisket is a cut which really benefits greatly from low and slow, turning a very tough cut into a tender, delectable treat.

    For seasonings, try the KISS method first: CBP, Garlic, some Kosher Salt (without any marinade or injection) and you'll be in brisket heaven. After you get a taste of that, you may want to add a few more enhancing spices to build up your anticipation a few more notches on future smokes. Oh, don't forget a drip pan under your brisky if you can, to catch all that goodness to degrease and pour back into your beef when you've got the flat sliced or pulled. It makes the best natural finishing sauce for a meat that you could ever want to have.

    Don't forget the to do burnt ends with the point...that is the single most important part of a brisket smoke at our house...I'd get some really nasty looks if I didn't produce burnt ends at the end of a brisky burn...LOL!!!

    For smoke, I've tried cherry, apple, plum, hickory and mesquite. The sharpness of the hickory works out OK, IMO, and mesquite in moderation with some hickory is good also. The fruit woods seemed a bit too light for my taste unless used used in combination, but that's all  a matter of personal preference.

    Have a GREAT smoke, brother!

  12. mballi3011

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    I neither inject or marinade my briskets. I just rub them and smoke them and to me they come out really good and I haven't got any complains from the peanut gallery either. As far as a rub I have used many of them from Jeff's (it's that good) to Old Bay the rub and another good one is the "Cooter Rub" I have sent (it says it's for soft shell turtle) out on some exchanges works well to even a couple I have found in the wiki section here. Now my briskets always come out nice and tender and moist too. I like to pull it sometimes and slice it other times.
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  13. the one i did today was rubbed with CBP, garlic pwdr, onion pwdr, paprika, and kosher salt. good flavor that didn't over power the beef flavor.
  14. I did one today also and just used a generic version of McCormick's Montreal Steak seasoning only as a dry rub .. it was fantastic delicious flavor!  Simple and easy....... and will do it again the same way. [​IMG]
  15. pandemonium

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  16. pandemonium

    pandemonium Master of the Pit

    Great info there Sum, good deal i wont inject it but i have to learn to save the juice and remove the fat for gravy and the burnt ends i dont get all that? any way i did not end up getting the brisket yet but will use this info and post pics when i do make it probably this week coming up.
  17. pandemonium

    pandemonium Master of the Pit

    Thanks for the help everyone but i didnt get a brisket yet, ended p with three racks of spares and a pork butt, will post pics for sure and will do a brisket this week for sure, im tired of wanting to do one and wimping out lol.
  18. meateater

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    Everytime I try to inject beef it just squirts out somewhere else, I just marinate it.
  19. Hang in there pandemonium, when the time is right there are a lot of good guys and gals on here that will walk you through it .. I finally got my first brisky done yesterday and half of it is gone already.... its worth the trip. We thought pulled pork was our favorite till we sampled the brisket.  And don't forget to post Post POST Qviews... I love to watch and learn..[​IMG]
  20. pandemonium

    pandemonium Master of the Pit

    The main reason i didnt do one was because Sams only have one and it didnt look like a good one and i didnt feel like going anywhere else.

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