gas burner in offset smoker.

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by fishingsetx, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. fishingsetx

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    Anyone ever added a gas burner in their offset smoker to make temp regulation easier? I was thinking of adding one to mine with a smoke box on top for smoke. Here is what I've got now:

  2. I would seal up all of the air leaks and then learn to control the heat with the air intake. If you want to use gas use your oven.

    Happy smoken.

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    I have a Oklahoma joes longhorn smoker. I added a burner as well as sealed it. It holds temp with no problem. I love smoked meat. I don't however love tending to a fire for ten twelve hours. So propane was the way for me. I use a maverick dual probe therm to watch the pit and meat temp. If my pit temp drops more than a couple of degrees I'm checking on it. I cut a whole in the bottom left of the Fire box and then made two plates one solid so I could go back to wood if I wanted. Then one to use for the burner. I drilled holes in the plates and just bolt in which ever one I want. Then I ran the steel propane line to left under the cooking chamber and set the tank away from the pit on the left side.
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    I have converted some non propane smokers to propane and it was actually very easy.  The burners are in the $15 - $20 range, so very reasonable.  I would recommend a variable regulator and a needle valve for flame/temp control. 
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    I bought a cast iron "King Kooker" burner and I want to install it in the offset firebox of my Brinkman Trailmaster.

    I've seen pictures of the propane gas hose running from the propane tank thru the damper valve of the fire box into the burner.

    My question is:  How do you physically fix the burner to the firebox (so its stable and wont roll over)?

    Thank you for any help and advice you can give me! 
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    Assume that at some point the flame will go out. The propane will continue to flow. Propane is heavier than air. If a vent for propane at bottom of smoker is NOT present propane will accumulate. Since you are smoking I assume smoldering wood will be involved, this is ignition source. BOOM
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    An inline "Safety Valve" with thermocouple should prevent this from happening, right?  I'm asking for advice on a good way to mount the burner inside the fire box.
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    Yeah like I already said I can use an inline safety valve.  That's not my question.  I'm asking for advice on how to mount the burner inside the offset fire box.
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    The burners I have used had a single screw on the bottom of the burner requiring  only a  hole to be drilled in the bottom of the firebox. 

    Good luck.
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    BTW:  Did you put a Safety Valve in line before the burner?  If not, did you ever have a safety issue with your setup?  Thank you!!
  15. lamar

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    I did not put in a safety valve. I used a burner  and regulator from a turkey cooker and they don't use one.  Worked for problems.
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    Read this.....


    A Fond du Lac County man was killed when a homemade meat smoker exploded over the weekend. Sheriff’s sergeant Jeff Bonack says town of Lamartine resident 55 year old Richard Zabel was attempting to relight an LP gas burner in a homemade smoker when the explosion occurred. Bonack says when Zabel tried to relight the burner the smoker blew open and struck him in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Bonack says it is a tragic freak accident. “It was truly horrible, I mean its a tragedy,” Bonack told WFDL news. “The guy is trying to mind his own business, doing a little smoking of some turkeys and some chickens and its too bad something like that happened.” The accident remains under investigation by the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office and County Medical Examiner. - See more at:
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    Well I plan to use a safety valve anyway but was wondering what your experience was.  Okay thanks for the feedback.  Say one last question:  How did the results with gas burner compare to your results with charcoal?  I've run into a couple of guys who used to swear by gas burner BBQ but don't use them anymore.  I was wondering if you're in that group too?   Thank you for your help.
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    Why would you want to f up a beautiful smoker? But a vertical gasser at lowes !!!

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