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  1. I have a CharGriller grill/smoker with the side fire box. There website at www.chargriller.com/tips.html number 12 recommends logs for fuel. I live in Pueblo, Colorado and hickory trees are not plentiful here.

    Are logs really needed? I can from time to time get my hands on some good sized material in oak. Any one recommend oak for heat, and hickory for flavor?
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    I use charcoal and Oak all the time in my Chargriller. Oak was all I could get for a while, now I got a nice little supply of Maple. Charcoal is my main source of fuel, the wood just adds the smokey flavor most of the time, I just add little splits of it in when the thin blue smokes dies out. Then I usually quit using the wood once the meat temps get close to 140*. You can always buy the Lump charcoal and try that too! Keep us posted on your decision/progress.
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    i have the chargriller side firebox on my smoker. i use charcoal to get my fire started, then oak for heat. i use either pecan or mesquite for flavor.
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    Here is another option for you, convert to propane as I did on my offset. If you take careful measurements and a photo of your fire box, they will make you a simple custom conversion at reasonable cost, that uses chunks of wood in a 46 oz. juice can that lays on it's side. The only cleanup is emptying the ashes from the can! Also much easier heat control and the only wood you use is for smoke.... not heat ! I love mine [​IMG]

    More info at http://www.gassmoker.com/

    Click on Afterburner - H

    Let me know what you think of this?

    Happy Smokin' [​IMG]
  5. I've heard and read that Oak is "the king of smoking woods." It's good both for heat and flavor. Remember, oak IS a nut tree producing the acorn. Most nut tees are good for smoking.
    Try oak as a flavor wood, you won't be disappointed. Trust me. I use oak by itself for well over half of my smoking.

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