Fresh Butt...can't wait for Saturday

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ameskimo1, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Son's 10th birthday is Saturday, check out this butt fresh from the local butcher/packer. Last one I had from them was awesome. Fresh cut, $3lb, and no funny business trying to make it weigh more. Sorry, still wrapped, didn't want to go gettin all dirty while I'm trying to work but just couldn't wait to post. 

    Friday - getting coated in honey then rubbed in SPOG

    Saturday - hardwood lump smoke with Oak, Mesquite chunks and the occasional fruit chips thrown in because I love the smell.

    Throw in some beans and a few hot diggity dogs....mmmmmm can't wait......

  2. yotzee

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    Why you come here teasin us now fer??
  3. Yotzee, I'm not sure who was more excited - my son for his birthday or me to smoke this fine piece of pork!

    So I wen to bed last night thinking I wasn't too sure I wanted to get up and start coals at 5am Saturday, then out of the blue this morning my son says I should smoke it kid.

    Since I've been blessed to work from home I got started and checked in about 45 mins later. Satan must have stopped by and breathed on the coals......I've never had a spike like this before, lol

    I mean, yeah I like to start in the mid 300's and let it work its way down to 250-275, I've had better luck running hot and spending the last hour or so around 225.

    The initial entry and 140 at about 3 1/2 hours, things are going well.....

  4. yotzee

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    Is that a Masterbuilt Dual Pro? I've never used charcoal in mine
  5. Yes sir, has been a fine smoker especially for the $$. I started using gas with chunks in a cast iron pan to get the hang of it, this summer has been all hardwood lump, chunks, or small apple limbs. Works pretty well overall but I'm noticing it likes to run a bit hot early on then by 6-7 hours it gets pretty difficult to maintain 225-250, just seems to like to run cool. 

    Either way - once you go straight lump in it, the flavors are amazing. I've been using Frontier lump. Use the gas to start the first round of coals then shut it down and go with a chimney after.

    Update on the pulled pork....was outstanding and I encourage going to a local butcher if one is in your area. Much better, not injected with any strange chemicals at some huge factory for whatever reason....

    Wrapped at 170 and left on the heat right up to 200+ then rested just over an hour. This was the best on yet, practially fell apart on its own and was moist/juicy all the way through.

    Saturday - ran the smoker at 275-325 and put in the beans, shortly after the pork deliciousness went back in to warm slowly - still wrapped up in foil as well as the corn. This ran about 3 hours and everything was perfect! Meat stayed juicy and have rave reviews from the guest! 

  6. yotzee

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    The food looks amazing!

    Do you burn the lump charcoal in the pan that came with the unit, or have you made a mod?
  7. Yes, I burn it right in the bottom pan which someday will probably burn out but for now its worked out well. I did try using the cast iron pan for the coals but I wasn't consistently getting enough air. For the first coals I use the gas to get them going, then use a few hot coals in the chimney for the next rounds.

    I've only had to made 2 mods to mine - the cast iron pan for wood smoke when using gas and I use foil pans as water pans in the cooking area which also collect juices. I let the water cook down towards the end of the smoke and then use the leftover juice in a recipe; I've found the area where the water pan is supposed to be is too close to the heat. 
  8. yotzee

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    I do it pretty similar.  I use an old metal pie pan to put the wood chunks on.  I love the smoker, I have got pretty good at dialing it in.  I just wish it was a little bigger.
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    Nicely done bud, bet those beans turned out great too. Love the enthusiasm! :)
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    Amskimo , nice [​IMG]. Hard to mess-up a Butt , you just get more 'Bark; . [​IMG]   The rest is looking good too [​IMG]  

    Keep doing it and call next time ,I'll be up to taste test it for you [​IMG]

    As always . . .
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    That looks awesome, I hope mine turn out this good when I do one. Side note you now have me looking a butcher that is close to me that I have been meaning to check out all summer but haven't had the time, but I think I will make some this weekend.

  12. Yotze - it really is a great little smoker, I like your pie pan idea. On the same note I've been wanting to get into a good offset to further my 'skills' while keeping this one, pretty well settled in on a 20 inch Horizon, now I just have to start saving $$ and/or selling my smokes on the weekend.

    Knife - as always, thank you, you're a scholar and a gentleman. I've been trying different methods but have really settled on the current one and am getting it zero'd in.

    OldSchool - just seen you are near Toledo, I was living south of Detroit until last April; now are living in Frankenmuth. We're in town, let me know if you find yourself up here and I'll be sure to lite up the smoker and have a few cold ones ready if I know your coming - but I understand if you don't want to pass up the chicken restaurants, I like them myself! 

    Swwodze - just moved back to a small town, we have a couple of buthchers/processers/packers in the area; its almost hard to believe the difference in taste and their meats seem to cook up a little easier as well than from the big stores. My local preferred place also gets briskets that average 5-7 lbs and are fairly lean. They also cook up nice and I like that they don't take me from before I want to get up until just before I go to bed to cook them, lol. 
  13. Yotze, was at a local Meijer store today (not sure if they are in PA) and came across this on clearance. It will fit on the coal pan but I'm thinking about removing the water pan and seeing if i can get it to sit on the bottom and clear the coal pan to make it sit level - yeah, I'm that way about some things.....

  14. Hey Yotze it's SATURDAY [​IMG]   Where is that Q-View????   Happy 10th to your son as well.

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    I think you mixed me up with the OP?  LOL.

    Unless I have a 10 year old somewhere that no one told me about [​IMG]
  16. Well....the phone could ring at any moment.....You will have your answer if its Dr Phil
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    Just saw the Weber coal holders.  How do you get the ash out of the smoker?  That's what seems like the biggest hassle to me and has kept me from going the charcoal route.

    I'm guessing to that it would be pretty easy to hook a Pitmaster iQue up to one of the wheel vents.  Now I'm getting intrigued.
  18. Note to cocktails while posting LMAO
  19. Padron - keep on keeepin on....drinks while posting just adds another dimension to the forum

    Yotzee - getting the ash out is the biggest pain of this smoker...I've been grabbing a big pair of tongs and pulling the pan out then pushing ash thru the bottom vents onto the patio...probalby not the best idea.....and since I'm being honest - lol sometimes I just push them right onto the gas burner and deal with it later. Sometimes much later.....
  20. yotzee

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    That in and of itself is the one thing that has kept me from trying charcoal.  Weber does make an ash vacuum which I considered buying because I get weary dumping my kettle out, too

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