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  1. biggiesize

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    last week someone had a thread about brining a turkey. in his qveiw he showed a tidy cats-bucket. i thought that was a good idea but then Richtee said he needed a food grade bucket. Someone said go to the supermarket so i did. I went to the bakery department of Krogers. They had five gallon buckets the icing came in. She asked how many I wanted so I got two with lids for free. Just thought i'd put this out for fellow newbees.
  2. solar

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    Very good info, my GF works at a Super market, I'll have to see if she can pick me up a couple. Just my 2¢: A bleached and well cleaned cooler works well too.
  3. waysideranch

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    welcome Biggie. Great find.
  4. supervman

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    Often times REAL popular burger joints give em away free as well.
    Takes a few washings to get the pickle smell out, but what the hey.
  5. ronp

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    Nice find. All my buckets are shot from the sun.

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