Flavor matching your rubs to bottled sauces.

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    Hello all! As my first post I just wanted to give some background. I lived in New England for a most my life and visited some hole in the wall BBQ joints and thought their BBQ was great. Once down south, I attended a BBQ competition and fell in "real" BBQ. I then visited some hole in the wall joints and was still disappointed with them compared to the competition style BBQ. I then took matters into my own hands and have cooked 3 dozen racks of ribs, and finally found was I looking for.

    I bbq mainly ribs, occasionally butts, chicken and brisket.

    For the ribs, I notice vast differences from my rub recipe and bottled BBQ sauce. I didn't know if there was any rules or guide lines in order to flavor match your rub to the sauce. For my sauce, I just use KC Masterpiece with a 4:1 of honey. Again, any suggestion of how to "favor match" a rub to that glaze?
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