First try at Sausage - opinions needed

Discussion in 'Pork' started by skully67, Jun 15, 2014.

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    I have some fresh sausage from the butcher and want to use my Traeger lil text to smoke the links. From what I have been reading it may be hard to achieve the cooking temps described in most of the posts.

    I have read that smoking at 150 for an hour, than 160 for an hour than 170 until IT is 153. My smoker cannot stay consistently below 200.

    Curious if I should just smoke at 200 for 3 hours and just rely on IT for completion?

    Also, is a rack for hanging the sausage needed. Or just lay on grate?

    Any help is welcomed.

  2. bearcarver

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    Hi Neighbor!

    No problem laying the sausage on the grill---I always do.

    If you can't get lower than 200*, just go with the 200* until the IT of all of it gets to 160* IT.

  3. skully67

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    Thank you.

    I'll  point the outdoor fan north so you can smell what the Smoker is Smokin!!
  4. Do you know what your butcher used to make these sausages?  Did he use any curing salts?  You must remember the food safety rules while doing this smoke, The meat must spend no more than 3 hours between $0 degrees and 140 degrees internal temp for food safety reasons.

    If you like what your Butcher can make, be happy.  But do trust it is the best you can get.  A grinder, with stuffing tubes, some pork or collagen casings and some pork and or beef, your off making your own, better sausages, and you know what is in them
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    Hey Palladini,

    I do not know what the butcher used all i know is that i trust him and he sells 30-40lbs of this tomato sausage each weekend.

    Anyway i do have safety in mind. I know that a 7# butt took way over 4 hours to go past 140deg.on my Traeger, So with this in mind maybe i set the smoker at 300deg and get the sausage up past 140deg and than smoke it for a few hours at a lower temp? That was i have cleared the temp window and can still use the smoker to my advantage.


  6. timberjet

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    uncured fresh sausage should be treated like cooking burgers or brats. The actual rule is 40 to 140 in 4 hours. You should have no problem doing it at 200. If you are past three hours and it is not done you might want to check your smoker temp. a little more closely. Do you have a good trustworthy temp. probe?
  7. timberjet

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    If you started that shoulder out straight from the refrigerator it could have taken a couple hours just to get to the danger zone. I would make sure the temp. in your unit is really what you think it is. 
  8. bearcarver

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    It's actually "From 40* to 140* in no less than 4 hours, and that won't be a problem getting sausage through that Danger Zone. using 200* smoker temp. Then take it to 160* IT.

    Don't go any hotter!!!

    Since I know this area, I would say if the Butcher calls it "Fresh Sausage" there's no cure in it, but all that means is you have to get it from 40* to 140* in 4 hours.

  9. bearcarver

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    Sorry I was typing mine while you were posting yours.[​IMG]

  10. timberjet

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    no problem. great minds think alike. lol
  11. skully67

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    Ok went on the smoker at smoke setting around 200-220 been on for 50 minutes

    IT is 136deg after an hour. I don't think i will have any issues getting it to 140deg within 4hrs. With that said. I think i will just let the Sausage

    do its thing for a few hours and than throw it into a pan with some peppers an onions and just let the TBS perform its magic. ( I hope i used that acronym correctly)

    Bear, Meat man is Brooke and he is located right below Grandview speedway. There is an available spot at my table. 10 short minutes down 100 [​IMG]

    I'll keep you guys and gals up to date as we progress. Should be an easy smoke for a dad on his easy day!

    Edit: 145deg in 65 minutes. We are clear for take off!! Thanks for the support

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  12. bearcarver

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    You did real good here, Skully!!![​IMG]

    Looks Mighty Tasty already!![​IMG]

    I never been down to Gandview, but I used to go down as far as Brooks Meats for some of their Double Smoked Ring Bologna.

    I get my Bellies from Harry Watermann Meats in the woods just North of the Light at Rt 29 & Rt 100 (Hereford).

  13. skully67

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    Sorry I am late getting these pictures up here.

    The sausage put me down for a nap on chaise lounge.... 

    1 hour at 200deg smoke

    1.5 hours at 225deg smoke

    30 mins of rest in the oven

    Recipe for sleep = 

    Enjoyed this thoroughly. Thanks for the support

  14. bearcarver

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    Great looking plate, Skully!!!![​IMG]

    Mighty Tasty!![​IMG]


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