First time with spare ribs!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by despain85, May 14, 2012.

  1. Just put the meat on the smoker. Gonna try the 3-2-1 method, still not sure if I'll use foil or not. I'm not sure if I put my thermometer in the right place, the pic below will show it, let me know if there's a better spot. Here's a few pics..[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Hasn't even been on an hour and my thermometer says 140. Smokers been at 240-250 and I'm trying to get it lower. Hopefully they're still good since the heat is a little higher than it should be. I'm using homemade rub and some apple chips to smoke with. Gonna baste them later with some sweet baby rays. [​IMG]
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    I usually let my spares go 3-4 hours between 225-240.  I usually judge them by feel with a set of tongs gripped about halfway down the rack.  If they are flexible (almost falling 90 degrees) they are done.  Sorry I don't have any pictures.  I don't worry about temp so much in the rib meat, more time and temp of the smoker.  Good luck!
  4. Ribs turned out ok. Luckily it was just for me and not anyone else! I'm gonna try my hand at these again this weekend. I'm going to trim them St. Louis style next time, cook the extras for a snack and hope they turn out better than today. Have to say they turned out better than I expected for my first time smoking ribs. This forum has been a huge help, thank you everyone!
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    using the 3 2 1 you do not need the thermometer.   3 hours at 225 then 2 foiled then 1 unfoiled to toughen them up a little.  Works out perfect for me each and every time.
  6. I agree: the thermo probe takes a break with  3 - 2 - 1 ribs.  I'm glad they turned out OK.  Experience over time and you'll know when they're done.
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    :yeahthat: no therms needed for ribs... just time and low temp.. I don't go the full hour at the end as it seems to dry em to much... about 30 minutes for me
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    This is a popular flavoring ingredient to add during the Foiling stage...JJ
  9. Keep trying!  It has taken me over a year to finally get ribs "like I like them." 

    Good Luck!
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    I did some babyback ribs over the weekend and used Cheff JJ "foiling juice"

    ribs turn out great. [​IMG]

     from now on will be adding it to ribs and butts when foiling them.
  11. Look pretty darn good. Great job! It took me a few times at ribs before I got them where we like them. I do 3-2-1 but cut back a bit on the last hour so they don't dry out and I use the flexibility/bend test.

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