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  1. Hey guys, I started my first UDS project yesterday and I thought I'd share my progress with y'all.

    A couple things:

    I bought a food-grade drum for $15 that had a green exterior and a yellow liner (it used to hold apple juice) because I couldn't find any reasonably priced unlined drums.

    I wasn't sure how tough it was to get the liner off, so I was a little worried.

    I pulled out my angle grinder with a wire wheel and tried it before the burnout.  This was the result:

    Came off extremely easy.  However, I didn't want to wirewheel the whole thing off, and I needed to do a burn anyways, so I burnt it out.

    Drilled four 1" holes with a step bit for intake, filled it up with some 2X4's and let 'er burn:

    With a little bit of pre-Fourth of July fireworks for good measure:

    Emptied it out, rinsed it with a hose, and wiped it with some denatured alcohol then hit it with some orange spray paint (Go Tigers!):

    That's all I've done so far, about to go back out right not to work on it some more.  I bought a cheap kettle grill from Walmart that has a hinge I want to attach to the barrel, so we'll see how that goes.  I'll provide more pictures later today.
  2. Been thinking about buying that same kettle so please don't forget to let us know how it works out for you. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I built two last week using the Kettle lid and hinges. Fit perfectly. Good luck, you'll love them.... JB
  4. Twins!
  5. looks like your on your way to a UDS. they cook real well. post more pics as you have time.

    Happy smoken.

  6. Well I finished the thing yesterday, I'll post pictures when I get the chance.  The kettle lid was a bit too small to fit on the barrel snug so I had to find a way to make it fit.  I decided to cut off the lip of the bottom of the grill and attach it to the drum (I cut it so I could stretch it to fit the drum, you can see it in the pictures).  All I needed to do to the hinges was drill some new holes in them because they didn't line up perfectly.  Overall I was surprised at how well everything fit together, with this being my first time and all.  The picture are on my phone and I will upload them in a bit.

    PS I smoked 10 pound of pork belly for bacon and a 9 lb pork shoulder in the thing and they were both absolutely delicious (first time smoking, too!)
  7. One 9.4 lbs. pork belly (cut into two pieces) going on for the inaugural smoke:

    After 6 hours at 215 degrees:



    Took the skin off as it was rather tough while eating:

    9 lbs. pork shoulder after rub

    Shoulder getting smoked

    After 12 hours at 235 degrees:

    Sliced up bacon, a little out of order

    Everything was absolutely delicious and worked out better than I expected
  8.  Well done CB!!!  Welcome to the drum club!!!

  9. fwismoker

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  10. looks great. may i suggest next bacon cold smoke the bacon. i did over 40 hours of smoke in my UDS. it is great. then cook it like store bought bacon. oh feed the store bought crap to the dogs.

    i use Pop's cure

    happy smoken.

  11. What's the reason to cold smoke it?  Also, how do you do that in a UDS?  I feel like it would get too hot.
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    Mule did a mod to his uds to also make it a cold smoker w/ a amps....normally a uds is just a hot smoker. 
  13. hey cbtiger

    the reason to cold smoke is to add smoke flavor and still have raw meat. i also cold smoke cheese in my UDS. i have a side smoke chamber that i use a AMNPS smoke generator in. the sun will get the UDS hotter than the AMNPS does. take a look at my build if you get a chance.

    happy smoken.


    UDS build

    bacon cold smoke
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  14. nice bacon
  15. Waucedah thanks

    Happy smoken.


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