First time smoker. Gonna do a Brisket.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dterrell, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Ok, been grilling a while but first time to smoke. Got a Masterbuilt 40" electric smoker, gonna do actually two briskets, about 3 lbs each, approx 1 1/2 to 2 inches. Been reading cook times, resting (the meat, not me, lol), and all dat but,
    Question is: Do I put a rub on it?, shoot it up?, marinade it? Decisions, decisions, decisions.
  2. uhmgood

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    I shoot mine and rub it . pay attention to what your doing (times and temp ) brisket isn't the easiest to get right , IMHO . I got faith in you , you can pull it off
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    I rub mine with peanut oil, then my rub.... Let sit for a few while the smoker comes to temp & had them turn out real good !
  4. Ok got my brisket in. Gonna give it a whirl. Got 6 more hours to go. I'll let everyone know. I'll do pics as well.
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    Where did you find 3lb briskets?

    I was going to say a full packer is a tight fit in a MES I bet.
  6. I bet he is cooking a couple of small flats.. 
  7. To Gary S: I read not only your tips but just about every other on the forum as well. Thank you for tips.

    To philh: Actually I wound up with another brisket, one 5 pounder.

    I hope I do all of you proud.
  8. My first brisket. Tasted great. A little tough, but practice makes perfect. I think I know where I messed up. I've read on this forum that you want internal temp around 160, mine was 177 when I pulled it out. Live and learn.
    Experience beats book learnin' any day.
  9. Good morning, the reason your brisket was a little tough, is because it was not cooked long enough. Brisket is different than steak because that are from different types of meat entirety . Brisket is a tough piece of connective tissue and muscle that requires a long cook Low & Slow.  I am one of the old school (old timers) that believe if Done when its Done. Briskets are different, you can take briskets that are almost identical smoke them together and most every time one will be a little more tender or juicier.On a small flat I wouldn't smoke over 225º if its very lean wrap early but that internal temp needs to be higher than 160 - 175   I would go 185 up.  I did one smoke a while back and posted pictures where I actually checked my brisket temp just for the post. I have cooked so many briskets I never check the temp I can tell by feel and looks. Now I do realize this does take years and you are starting out, but do not rely strictly on temp when smoking brisket. Hope this helps

    Gary S
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    Take that brisket to 185-190.  You can even go to 195, but I would check the marbling.  If it has a lot of marbling, you will probably be fine at 195.  Also, when it hits 185-195, take it out, wrap in foil and let rest for at least an hour in a cooler (no ice).  You can even wrap the foiled brisket in a towel.  This will allow the juices to redistribute through the meat.  Also, some people will pull the brisket when it hits 160 and then wrap in foil and pour on some juices and then throw back on the smoker until it hits the 185-195 mark.

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