First time fatty.. Am excited.. On the roll

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by biggqwesty, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. So I'm branching out. After seeing Grits fatty I had to make one.
    The plan was for the Cordon Bleu but in the end we settled on a chicken with spinach, feta and sundried tomatoes..
    Plan is to slow cook, 105-110 degrees C with the jack Daniels oak pellets I was given on fathers day..
    So far we have weaved, beaten and rolled..
    Open to any tips, especially a finishing temp..
    Hope you enjoy as much as I do..


    And the fathers day pressy
  2. wade

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    Looking good so far - nice weaving. I bet you were top of your class at weaving at school [​IMG]

    Do you have the Strawbridge TV series in Australia? It is interesting... They do come up with some good ideas though but some are just weird Lol

    Keep us posted with lots of photos [​IMG]
  3. Thanks. I actually was a bit disappointed with the weave as the bacon was really short.
    So that's 2 lengths long.. By one wide..
    Unsure on that series. Will investigate
  4. And we're on.. Cookers been ticking over at 120c since 1pm lol..
    Was toooo excited lol.
    Anyway close enough to 3pm. It's in. Hoping to pull at 5pm but will check temps and give it longer if needed.
  5. So I just grabbed the digital thermometer and I found out some interesting things.
    My temp gauge is roughly 20 degrees out.
    Temp around the meat is 130c. A lot hotter than I was hoping and the mounted gauge is only reading 110...
    Anyway, internal is at 40c degrees after an hour.
    I didn't lift the lid, I went in threw the flu / spout ;-)
  6. And we're done and finished..

    So temp probe started playing up so no idea of finished temp but it was done well...
    Sides are a simple potato and cheese bake, and my wife's new favourite, apple slaw..

    Was brilliant.. A hit all round.
    The pellets make a nice smoke.. Learning slowly.
    Cheers for following
  7. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    A lovely colour and it looks very moist.

    Is that a wooden skewer right the way through or tooth picks either end for turning?
  8. Toothpick in each end to hold the bacon end folds together
  9. Didn't turn it at all

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