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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jahenbo, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Hey Smokers,

     Well I gave Boston Butts a first time try.  What I wanted to do was to have pulled pork but, I had to go a round about way to get there.  First off I hate my smoker....It would not get to temperature so I ended up moving everything, water pan included to my grill.  My grill stayed a nice and consistent 250 degrees.  I will try to add pictures and finish up the story. The first is after seasoning and on the way to the smoker.  I brined both pieces overnight.  The piece on the left is wild boar and the piece on the right is domestic.  I only wish I would have had bacon to wrap the wild boar in!!!!

    I started off with some apple chips but of course they wouldn't last long on the charcoal so I followed them up with some hickory.  I poured beer in the water pan to try and add a little more flavor.  I did place the wild boar on the lower rack to allow the fat to drip down on it from the domestic which had a nice heavy layer of fat on it.

    Here they are after about 6 hours.  I actually did them like I normally smoke ribs.  3 hours open, 2 hours in foil and 1 hour open. In this picture the wild is on the left and domestic on the right.  The wild had a bit more flavor but, was a little tougher than the domestic.  Both pieces tasted wonderful but, could not actually pull either piece.  We ate a few sandwiches by just cutting them.  Here come the round about method.  I took the remainder of the pork and place it in a slow cooker with a bottle of Habanero BBQ sauce from a local business near where I live.  I don't have pictures of the finished product but, I can tell you that the taste was wonderful.  Would just like to have been able to do it in my smoker and not have to rely on the slow cooker to finish it up or use my grill.  Hope you enjoyed this, sorry about the length, long story.

    Jay[​IMG]Oh yeah there were some brews enjoyed also!!!!
  2. Looks great! Gonna try my first but this week sometime....would love for it to from a wild pig but domestic will do too.
  3. kathrynn

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    Looks nice from here.  

  4. Thanks for the reply's!!! Smoke Break don't worry about the domestic...It was very tasty itself and way more moist than the wild but, I'm like you I do love wild meat! [​IMG]
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    Just by what I've seen, I'd say if you go a bit lower on the temp, say around 225 and let it smoke a few more hours, it should've pulled right apart.
  6. Yeah the temp control left a lot to be desired.  As far as time is concerned, I got started later than I wanted to, due to work, so I was too tired to continue later.  I will take all of that into consideration the next time I smoke.  I'm thinking of either a brisket or chuck roast next time.  Any direction on these two meats is greatly appreciated!!!!! I have always loved cooking with charcoal but, have only in the last year or so really started smoking meat and I am enjoying it so much.  Thanks to this wonderful site I am able to get great information and directions.  Thanks guys and gals.

    Jay [​IMG]
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    I figure around two hours per pound for bone in pork butts. Most that i get are around 8-9 pounds so it takes around 16-20 hours. I smoke mine in a 265* smoker. No foil and I run the smoke the whole time. You need to really hit an IT of 200*-205* for the ideal pulling meat. Once I hit that mark I take the butts off the smoker, foil and let rest for 45min-1 hr. Then pull, apply finishing sauce if I'm using one, serve. Or if I am serving the next day (which I tend to do) I'll pull, sauce and into the fridge. Reheat in the oven serve.
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    Looks great!

    And don't tell anyone, but I have made some outstanding PP in a crock shhhh!

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