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  1. I've been smoking ribs for years and have just started in with the bigger cuts. I've done two briskets and today I'm trying a Boston Butt for the first time. I like to try oddball marinades and rubs but am not sure what makes the best bark. I lean towards spicy and sweet. Any suggestions? It is smoking now with a rub made with some seasonings and coffee grinds (tasted awesome on the brisket) but I was thinking of finishing at the end with a little jalapeno relish and brown sugar. Any input?
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    IMHO the coffe grounds wouldn't be a good taste for pork ( oops! You already did that! Well maybe I'm wrong)
    ....I think you're right on point with the spicy and sweet , tho. Brown sugar and cayenne or maple syrup and sriracha.....
    I smoked a shoulder once and what I did this one time was to smoke it in an aluminum pan...I rubbed the shoulder with a simple brown sugar,garlic n onion powder rub as usual. But I got a can of chipotle peppers in this adobo sauce (Goya , I think).... I put that in the pan and smoked the whole thing. Well , when I pulled the meat and mixed all that in with the juices (skimmed some fat , of course) and that nice smoky hotness of the chipotle s and the sweetness of the brown sugar....I'll tell you , that was some good pulled pork. I served it on little white flour tortilla s so you could make little burritos out of it. Mmmmm-mmmmm that was good.:grilling_smilie:
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  3. Wasn't sure about the coffee on the pork so I went real light with it, love it on beef though. There is also three THICK slices of bacon on top dripping down all over it. It's only about 4 lbs so I hope to be able to post a pic and opinion around 8 tonight. It's been on since 11am. Looking good so far. It's stalled at about 150

  4. I'm wondering if my thermometer was inaccurate. There was an almost 2 hr stall at about 155. Then it started rising again to 170 and never budged any higher over the next couple hours. I wrapped and let it rest for a little over an hour in a cooler. Either way it was fantastic and the GF said it was the best thing I've ever smoked.

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    Never argue with good reviews! I assume you sliced this rather than pulled it? I have done that and it's very good.....what kind of a rig are you smoking on , electric?
  6. It's a Masterbuilt Pro gas that is about at the end of it's life. Too small, charcoal tray and water tray are both equally small. I know a guy who loves his new electric with a window but it too seems small. We do a lot of fabrication at my truck shop so I'm thinking about building my own if I can find some good plans. Either way it needs to be replaced soon so I'm open to suggestions.
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    If you got metalworking skills , you'd be a good candidate for a UDS . Myself I bought a WSM , but if you got room .....I'm sure there's tons of plans on the web.
  8. I looked at a few ideas for an UDS. I put one together today and have it burning empty through the night. It seemed pretty easy to keep it 240-250. I'll post it in the appropriate forum if it works. I'll install therm tomorrow and I think I may add a door above charcoal tray.

  9. The stall at 150 and then 170 has happened to me on a few occasions and I did question my therms accuracy.  You just got to wait it out and each butt I have cooked is different each time.  I have learned to give myself 2hrs. per pound and if it gets done sooner it sits in a cooler foiled and wrapped in towels for a few hours. 

    I use a commercial rub and then spray with a mix of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, and soy sauce to build the bark.  In the end I like the natural taste of the meat to rise above anything else.

    That homebrew smoker looks pretty cool!
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    Look at that! Very nice UDS ! Wow , you threw that together like nothin! That smoker will do everything you ever need , I'll bet....:grilling_smilie:
  11. I ditched the ball valves on the bottom and replaced with larger vents. I may paint it tomorrow and post pics. Here is what I cooked today. Everyone who tried it lost their mind. I changed my rub but finished in foil with jalapeno relish and light brown sugar.


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