First smoker, first smoker build.

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by ej22t, May 24, 2015.

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    I wanted a larger smoker that didnt have a large footprint. I saw a file cabinet smoker build and got the idea for my gym/work locker build. luckily the locker was pretty sealed up and the parts that weren't I went over with my welder. I welded in brackets and removable racks and a drip pan that i also use for the wood. cut a hole in the bottom and put in a 10in king kooker low pressure burner. I tried the high pressure burner first and couldnt keep my temps down. Last time my uncle had people over and was smoking ribs everyone would open the lid to see what was inside. Not on my smoker my door latches are pad locks. I was a bit worried about maintaining temps but this things sits solid right where i set it. It was a bit crazy with just the propane regulator but once i got the needle valve installed it sits steady. I went and took a 4 hour nap after putting the meat on this morning. Maybe 5-10 deg swing at most. Im going to install a new adjustable vent on top so I can seal the door the rest of the way and still maintain temps. I smoked a pirk shoulder yesterday and am doing another today. It went on at 630am and is now 1pm. I have a pretty large garden and cant wait to smoke some of my veggies. I got an electric skillet that fits in the bottom to cold smoke cheese.


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