First post. 2 butts, 1 brisket, 2 fatties, Sausages and 10 ears of corn. Lots of Qview.

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    Hey everyone, i've really enjoyed stalking the pages, and have been saying that I should document some of our smokes so i can share and get feedback.  This is a great hobby I picked up from my number one smoking buddy (and admittedly my teacher), my Brother-in-Law who picked it up from his pops in TX.

    We've got quite a menu picked out for Saturday before the 4th.  2 smaller butts (hey man, its only for the family!) a brisket, a fatty for breakfast, some sausage to snack on, and lots of corn to go around.  Mix that up with some lakefront living, a cooler full of beers ready to go at 8:00am, and you've got the makings of a great day.

    We plan to do one butt with Mustard smothered with a secret rub from TX, and the other w/ Olive oil and rub (sitting overnight).  The brisket soaked in coke then slapped happy with some rub and the fatty rolled up with some cheese and guess what? MORE RUB only to be wrapped with bacon. 

    Should be great, and dont worry, plenty of QVIEW to follow!


    Just rubbed down the butts.  1 with Mustard and Rubb, the other with EVOO and Rubb, also rubbed down the baby brisket with some rubb too. Gonna let em get happy all night and soak in everything we laid on em. 

    took pics but wont post them till the am, i'm tired and its going to be a early mornin'!

    Butts and Baby brisket naked


    Butts all rubbed down (one with Mustard, one with oil) ready to sit all night and get "happy".


    brisket rubbed for the night


    Hot sausage fatty stuffed with Eggs and hash browns and peppers, we left this one unwrapped, but put bacon around the mild sausage (same stuffing)...


    Both on the pit (also had just put on the baby brisket and butts, it was about 8am)


    bronzed up the bacon in the broiler, then sliced and ready to go!  My fav was the hot sausage.


    pulled the brisket (done to perfection by my Brother-In-Law)... born, raised, and sent to the butcher from his parents farm in TX. 


    IT WAS GOOD.  IT was probably the best brisket i've ever had... It was as soft as butter and had a perfect smoke ring... not one piece was dry.  I wish we had been in a comp to turn this bad boy in.  Good job Will!


    We had double wrapped the butts and were about to put them in a cooler with a towel when we put the corn on.  We had soaked the corn for about 1.5 hours, peeled it back and removed the silk, my wife buttered it and added a little Tony C's... we re-covered them and threw them on!


    I have an apology to make... We were so excited about the BUTT that we peeled it open and pulled it before we could snap a picture. It was so tender we couldnt even pick the bone up to remove it... it fell out.  a few quick pulls with the ORCA and we were in business. YUMMM.


    Just so you guys know, this was a difficult smoke.  I mean, just look at what I had to deal with all day long. 


    All done, I hope you guys enjoyed the QVIEW!!!!

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    Sounds good!  Looking forward to the pics!
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    Sounds like y'all are going to have a great time! Looking forward to some Qview!  
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    QVIEW has been updated.
  6. What a fantastic view!!! I have never seen such beauty... The property is gorgeous too!!! :)

    What kinds of sausage did you have going there? They look delicious!


    Johnny K.
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    Looks like a great day with lots of fine dining [​IMG]
  8. Love the lake!!!!!   [​IMG]
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    Several links of Kielbasa, and a couple links of a special sausage from a smoke-house in TX.  We weren't quite sure what it was (un-labeled and sent from my b-in-laws parents) but it had some heat and to me resembled something like boudan (spelling?)

    It was all great though!
  10. Yes tell us more about the sausage!!!!
  11. Looks great, too bad it was so difficult with that terrible view... UGHHHHH.  I'm not sure what was better the q or the view..... I'll go with the Q.[​IMG]
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    Great Smoke, thanks for sharing

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