First Pork Tenderloin in Brinkman Electric Bullet

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    This is the first time that I am smoking a pork tenderloin. I wanted to experiment with the meat as I am planning on using tenderloin to make smoked pork sliders for an upcoming party.  I read mixed reviews on smoking tenderloin, some people love it while others prefer to cook it solely on the grill.  I hope to get nice and tender results with a strong smokey flavor.  I guess my taste buds aren’t as grew as most because whenever people rave about a “nice subtle smoke flavor” at some local joints, I simply just don’t taste it.  It usually tastes like they just slow cooked it in their oven in my opinion.  FYI:  I use a Brinkman “red bullet” electric smoker.  I also added four chicken thighs for good measure and because smoked chicken is completely delicious.  

    Rubbed pork and chicken w store bought rubs.  Wrapped in plastic and refrigerated overnight.Added more rub prior to smoke.Let meat sit out at room temp while smoker preheats. 30min or soPresoaked hickory chunks for about an hour and a half.  I have previously struggled with emitting enough smoke for a prolonged period of time.Placed three good sized chunks in smokerPreheat smoker to 220I added a mop (part bbq and cider vinegar) about 45 min into the smoke. Tenderloin seemed to hit target temp of 150 very quickly (hour and a half). I removed from the smoker and adjusted the probe of my maverick wireless.  The temperature then read 140.  I put back in the smoker and added some mop (part bbq sauce and part apple cider vinegar).  I removed after another hour when it it 150 and then wrapped in foil while the wife fired up some potato wedges.  

    I removed the thighs, applied a light cover of bbq sauce and finished off on the grill using medium heat with a view of caramelizing the sauce and creating crispy skin.

    I read mixed reviews on soaking vs not soaking wood.  As mentioned above, I soaked the wood chunks for hour and a half this time and experienced great results.  I also strategically positioned the lava rocks so that they were light around the chunks to avoid a quick burn.  The chunks smoked steadily and faithfully for the full 2.5 - 3 hours!  Previously when I did not soak the chunks, they burnt out under an hour and I had to waste time and heat adding more wood.  

    The results were excellent.  Pork came out super tender and very smokey!  All I have to worry about now is finding the best slider buns to compliment the pork!  The chicken was tender inside and crispy outside!  Enjoyed with a Heavy Seas Loose Cannon.  Smoke finished just in time before this crazy northeast Ohio armageddon storm hit.  Thanks for reading!  If anyone has any suggestions for adding additional flavors or tips I would love to hear.  




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  2. knifebld

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    Well done bud, that tenderloin looks amazing!

    I love to go simple on pork loin and do a fresh herb rub...really turn out tasty!

  3. Looks damn good Trikky!!   Try pulling that tenderloin at 14 then letting rest to hit 145.  You will be amazed at how much more juicy and tender it can be.  145 is the minimum temp for safety now that it has been lowered. 

    As for slider buns?  Try King's Hawaiian rolls......mmmm mmmmm good.

  4. Thanks for the tips!!  The King rolls sound like an excellent idea!
  5. They are nice and soft and have a slight sweetness to them which compliments pork really well. 


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