First Pork Shoulder with Q-Views

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jmonty580, Nov 27, 2011.

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    A few pics from my 1st pulled pork smoke.  Put it on at 9pm, one on the lower rack finished at 9am at 192 degrees.  The second one on the upper rack finished at 1pmat 191 degrees.  Sorry didnt get any pics of it shredded, i was in a rush to get all of this done before my wifes bday party.  Also see the pics of the birthday cake a friend made.  Wife drives a mini cooper and loves it, they put this together, and stole the show.  Lots of compliments on the pulled pork, had about 30 people there and they ate the whole big shoulder and about half of the smaller one. I also smoked some chicken thighs that people raved about too. Made 16 of them, and they were all gone.  Also made collard greeds, mac and cheese. 
  2. impressive set up for a first go!

    Congrats, lookin good!!
  3. smokinal

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    Great looking bark!
  4. raptor700

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    Great job buddy  [​IMG]

    The cake is "off the chain"

    Thanks for sharing[​IMG]
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    Pulled Pork, Greens and Mac and Cheese...add Sweet Tea and you got ALL the major food groups covered!...Well, probably need to include Beer in there somewhere...Strictly for  a Balanced Diet of course!...JJ
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    looks great!!!
  7. rdknb

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    Great job
  8. roller

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    You been doing some reading...Looks great !
  9. Bravo.  Nicely done.
  10. That pork sure does look good. Great job.

    that cake is quite a show piece too.

    Happy Smokin'

  11. jmonty580

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    Lots of reading and tons of info on here, this forum has been great, tons of Info for a novice like me.  I was really impressed with the bark, it was extremely tasty (mop was the captain morgans and apple juice, I probably did 2 to 1 ratio). 

    Here is a question for you guys though, at what point do you stop adding smoke? I kept adding smoke until I ran out of wood chips, but I'm guessing I over did it. I cant get enough of that smoky flavor but I'm guessing at some point the meat stops absorbing the smoke anyways. 

    Oh yea there was beer, pina coloda, Rum, grey goose, tons of nice beverages to keep things going!
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    Great lookin shoulder!
  13. I've read that chicken and things like meat loaf don't require a lot of smoke.  I tend to add my smoking wood during the first few hours, starting with hickory when the meat first goes into the hot smoker and then adding apple or cherry wood chips twice during the first few hours.  I've never added wood at the later stages of cooking because it was either too dark to see what  I was doing or I was too tired to worry about it.

    I've never had a piece of meat with too little smoky flavored except in the electric smoker.  I still haven't quite figured that part out yet. 

    Anyone know how to get more smoke out of a Masterbuilt 40'' Electric Smoker?[​IMG]
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    Nice pics, it all looks delicious.
  15. venture

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    X2 on Al.  I like the looks of that bark!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  16. That's a fine looking piece of pork! I never done the entire pork shoulder only the butt but now its on my to do list because that is making me hungry. The cake is pretty awesome also!
  17. tyotrain

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    Nice job... Butts look tasty [​IMG]
  18. frosty

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    Welcome Jmonty580!  OUCH, that is so purty it hurts knowing I can't have any!  Beautiful work!
  19. wan2smoke

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    That looks amazing! Cake is pretty awesome also. The Shoulder is on my short list in the coming weeks.
  20. smokinal

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