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Discussion in 'Pork' started by wazoo, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. wazoo

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    I have been really enjoying my smokehouse for the last several months.  Everything has been great.  It is my daughter's 30th birthday and wants pulled pork for dinner.  So I am doing my first pork butt.  I have done a lot of research here and think that I have a pretty good plan but I wanted put it up on the site to see if there is anything else I should be considering.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.  I will provide the blow by blow with q-views when I start.

    8 lb boneless pork butt from RD - hard to beat $1.29/lb in the Seattle area right now.

    1. Remove fat cap and cover with mustard and then Jeff's rub and into the refrigerator in the morning to start smoking late that night.

    2. Preheat and stabilize the smoker at 230 - 250 degrees with water pan full. 

    3. Put the pork butt in the smoker at 10:00 PM ( shooting for dinner at 6:00 PM the next day)

    4. I am planning on using my AMZTS with half hickory and half apple.  I planning on adding smoke for about 8 - 10 hours (one tube) 

    5. I will watch the temperatures with an ET-732 and keep the smoker temperature @ 230 - 250.  If the time looks like a problem I will bump to 265 at the end.

    6. I am not really sure where I stand on heavy vs. light bark so I figured no foil and bring ET temperature up to 200 - 205 in the smoker.

    7. Pull from the smoker, wrap in heavy tin foil, and wrap with towels and sit in cooler for at least an hour it may be longer depending on when it hits temperature.

    8. Pull and add Jeff's or JJ's finishing sauce.

    9. Serve with homemade whiskey bbq sauce on the side along with all cold slaw, cornbread, and beans.

    I am really looking forward to the adventure and hopefully good eats.  Please let know if you see something that I am missing or should be doing different.


  2. rdknb

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    Your plan looks good.  Can't wait to see q-view
  3. You are reading my mind Wazoo!

    Good luck with your smoke, sounds like you are on the right path...  [​IMG]
  4. chef willie

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    Well, Wazoo...sounds like we got the same plan working although I had planned on a midnight insertion tonight into the smoker set at 250 with, probably, apple or cherry chunks with dinner planned for tomorrow at 6 my butt a 2 hour rest before pulling. I may follow your lead and stick it in at 10'ish...just to be safe time wise and not have to get up at 12. But, then, I'm older so am up 3-4 X a night anyway making sure the plumbing still works. I scored an 8# bone in butt at Safeway last week for .99 a pound for pulled pork and a smaller 6 pounder for sausage making. I screwed up and forgot to get back before the sale was they are 1.99 a pound, grrrrrrrrrrr. Let the good times roll.......Willie
  5. wazoo

    wazoo Fire Starter

    Willie  I agree we are headed down the same path.  I was originally thinking about starting at midnight but since this is my first time, I wanted to be sure to allow enough time so that everyone was not sitting around waiting for it to finish cooking.  It sounds like the butt can sit wrapped up in a cooler for 4 or 5 hours without any problem.  So I figured 10 was the safer way to go.  I would be curious to hear how the time goes for the one you are doing tonight.  Are you planning on foiling at 165 or taking it all the way up to 200 without foil?

  6. chef willie

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    I'm a no foil kinda guy....mstly due to basic laziness I believe. I do have it over a drip pan though and will use that when we get done enough to wrap & rest. I was getting sleepy and actually put it in about 915 last night. The porch smelled outstanding about 330 this morning. So, I'm glad I did.....I'm about 16 hours in now and IT is 176, running the smoker at 225. It's a watt burner so fluctuates some but still, glad I allowed extra time in.

  7. wazoo

    wazoo Fire Starter

    It looks fantastic.  Thank you for letting me know about the progress.  I think I am going to follow your lead and start mine at 9:00 tonight also.  I have mine sitting the refrigerator enjoying the mustard and rub.  I will have pictures in a bit.  


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