First Fatty going down tonight...K.I.S.S

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  1. Thought I'd delve into the world of fatties this weekend with my first attempt.  I've deemed it a "K.I.S.S." fatty (Keep It Simple Stupid). Just a basic play on the Bacon cheeseburger (beef, 2 kinds of cheese, bacon weave).  I did season the beef with ranch dressing powder, some leftover brisket rub and garlic and onion salt.  Going simple for the first attempt and will work my way up.  Also needs to be kid friendly, so couldn't do jalepenos or anything else to crazy (though I thought about it a lot).  Will post some Que-view later, when it's all said and done.  Went on at 2:40pm CST, plan to eat it at around 5:00pm, leaving some time for wrapping in foil and towels if it gets done early.  Also will do some basting with BBQ sauce and A-1 for last 5-10 degrees of smoking.  Will pull it when IT is 160-165.

    Stay tuned...
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    Good Luck looking forward to the Q view
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  4. Well, not sure what to make of it, since it's my first go-round, but just pulled it off as IT was 163.  That only translates into about 1 hour 40 min of cook time.  However, It's pretty hot here (90 degrees), it's a small fatty, and I may have put too many coals on, as I had a hard time keeping temps as low as I would have liked.  Most of the time I was running between 275 - 300, instead of 225 - 250 like I wanted.  I have foiled, toweled, and coolered it and will dig in at 5:30pm CST or so.  Like I said earlier, I will post before and after Q-view after supper!
  5. OK, as promised, here is the Q-View of this afternoon's festivities...

    The before (sorry, no pics of the innerds):

    The During:

    The After:

    Overall, not a bad result for a first-time thing.  Good smoke flavor, but insides were a bit bland due to the lack of onions/spices/peppers for the kid's sake.  Definite possibilities here though.  Thanks for reading/looking.  Any feedback/suggestions you have would be much appreciated...always love learning from the masters!

    Have a happy and safe Labor Day y'all!
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    That looks really good. Clean roll and no apparent blow-outs. If its bland just add some flavors post smoke.

    good eats might have to do one myself.


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