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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by paulwink, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Hello to all. Just joined this board today. Have been viewing for about a week now and want to thank all for great tips, pix, and info. Bought a smoker 2 days ago GOSM (need to learn all these abbreviations) and seasoned it up. Put my furst pork butt on at 6:00 AM and went to work. Had my son check it about 10:00 and he said looked good and smelled "great". High praise from a 14 year old. Heading home at lunch for a look myself. Looking forward to trying many new things as I learn from all of you. Thanks!!!
  2. blacklab

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    Welcome to the board and the addiction [​IMG]
  3. lcruzen

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    Howdy Paul and welcome to SMF. Glad you found us and looking forward to the q-view of your first smoke in the GOSM. Just a word of caution, if you plan to leave it unattended make sure it is a long ways from anything like your house, car or garage as someone on here a while back had a fire with a GOSM. Not sure of the details but that is the kinda of pics we don't want to see.
  4. richtee

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    Welcome to SMF Paul! Don't forget a mop sauce! My basic:
    even quantities of- perhaps a third cup each
    Cider vinegar
    1 Tbsp black pepper
    1 Tbsp onion powder
    1 Tbsp butter
    1Tbsp red pepper or Smitty's if yer in the club! ;{)

    That's a base... rosemary, thyme, oregano..celery... play with it!
  5. Thank for the tip. My wife the fire marshal already made sure smoker was well away from house.

    I will try the mop next time. Can i just dissolve the spices in the juice/bourbon and spray on?

    After six and a half hours internal temp is 140. I thought it would be a little higher by now, but meat was not room temp when I put it in, was only out of refrigerator about 20 minutes before putting in smoker. Guess I should have gotten up at 5 AM to let it warm up but stayed in bed til 6 AM.

    Hope it will be at 165 so I can foil in about two more hours.

    I will take some pix next time I check, then learn how to post them.
  6. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    OK I'm NOT gonna tell the story of the 18 hour butt now...BUT... ;{)

    I don't spray, nor "spritz" <gack!> I mop... 'tis the time honored thing to do. Spices will block a sprayer in short order.
  7. pineywoods

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    Thats just how you do the mop/spritz then I put mine in a spray bottle and spritz every hour or so. The butts and for that matter lots of meats will hit a plateau and stay at one temp for a long time this is the heat breaking done the connective tissues and is very beneficial and should be expected on larger cuts of meat. During a plateau resist the urge to adjust the heat just keep it low n slow and the meat will be better for it. Don't forget to wrap the meat in a towel and rest it in a cooler after you reach the desired temp this will allow all the juices to redistribute and make the butt much better as well. Keep a log of how long things take at what temps on your smoker and always start earlier then you think it can rest in the cooler for hours with no problem but you can't really make it cook faster and still maintain the low n slow
  8. dennisdocb

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    Rush no meat before its time..It's all about temp 165 foil and if you could finish in the oven at 240-250
  9. buckeye024

    buckeye024 Smoke Blower

    I've only done 2 butts (approx 5-6 lbs. each) in my GOSM, but both times I found that I hit the plateau around 140-145 degrees. It seemed like it would not move off that temp. But, thanks to reading the many posts here about the subject...I knew just to wait it out.
  10. jbchoice1

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    welcome... this is the place to be. good luck on your butt
  11. waysideranch

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    Welcome Paul. Glad ur jumping right in. Good food ahead.
  12. has been in foil now for two and half hours and the tem is only up to 172. Not sure if this will ever get done. I am being patient, but it is getting tough to wait. It has been on for 13 1/2 hours so far. Will keep you all posted.
  13. ronp

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    Did you put some liquid in the foil? May help to steam a bit, better known as braising.
  14. Welcome to the SMF! Your on your way (for 13.5 hours now) to some great eats. Keep us posted.......
  15. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Hang in, shall be rewarded!
  16. welcome to SMf lots of fun you will have here. hang inthere It will get there before you know . my 1st butt went for about 14.5 hrs i was a nervous wreck. but once i learned to leave it alone i could relax while smoking. Brian
  17. bbqgoddess

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    Hey Rich
    Is now a good time for that story???
    PW, it's like the last stage of labor, you are in the home stretch. Hang in there it will be well worth it!

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