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Discussion in 'Pork' started by johnm160, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. johnm160

    johnm160 Fire Starter

    Hey gang,

    It's the weekend so it's time for another smoke. I have 2 8.5 pound butts I got at sams. I am trying to plan this out for tomorrows dinner. On average how long would you say it will take them to get to the point when they will need to be foiled?


  2. bbq bubba

    bbq bubba Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Between 6 and 20 hrs.............point being you can't cook by time.[​IMG]
    To many variables: pit, weather, wind, etc.
    Most will say 1 1/2 hrs per pound will get ya close.
  3. johnm160

    johnm160 Fire Starter

    I know bubba, I am planning on about a 13 hour smoke, I was just trying to approximate how long till I hit the 150ish mark and could stop making smoke.(and maybe get some rest)[​IMG]
  4. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member below........or above.......depending how you have your thread reading set up...............bubba gave you the best "time"

    bout 1.5 hours...........but..........alot of diff variables........

    other than that..................................

    also........i dont' ever stop adding smoke.......i smoke the whole way thru..........but i LOVE smoke taste..........others like it abit lighter in taste............
  5. glued2it

    glued2it Master of the Pit

  6. bbq bubba

    bbq bubba Master of the Pit OTBS Member

  7. johnm160

    johnm160 Fire Starter

    Walking Dude,

    I was following the thread by Meowey that Glued2it linked here and he says to wrap it in foil at about 165, I figured it did not make sense to smoke after that. Does that mean that you do not foil your butt? [​IMG] Gee that just does not sound right.

    Bubba, thanks, I am gonna keep those pics incase you ever run for some kind of public office, then I can pull out photos of your bare butts to blackmail you. [​IMG]

    Well since I am down here in Florida keeping the temp up in the GOSM will not be an issue. I am going back and forth between starting them at around midnight or 3 am.

    I picked up all the stuff for the finishing sauce and the carolina mustard sauce so I should be in good shape there.

    Quote from Bubba's thread above.

    Gonna smoke 3 butts for a dinner at the gun club on wed.......

    End quote

    Gun club huh? I like you more and more with each post [​IMG]
  8. bbq bubba

    bbq bubba Master of the Pit OTBS Member can foil or not, both come out great.
    The foil helps it cook a little faster IMO but have gone both ways, as long as you cook to about 195 and foil then before you cooler (you've heard of the cooler trick right?) it'll be as juicy as ever!
    Good luck and take some pic's for i cannot smoke this wekend, fricken snowing sideways right now!![​IMG]
  9. ajthepoolman

    ajthepoolman Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Had a 9 pounder that went in at 3 am, by noon it was only reading 73 degrees. Turns out the thermometer went bad. Meat was actually around 170 so that was a relief!
  10. johnm160

    johnm160 Fire Starter

    Sounds good, I was not sure about the foil. I know the cooler trick, I was even thinking of starting eariler and just leaving them in the cooler till dinner just to be sure they are done in time.

    Sorry to hear about the snow. I lived in Pocono, PA before I moved down to Florida so I know all about snowing sideways.


    The first sentence in your post scared the hell out of me. LOL
  11. deejaydebi

    deejaydebi Smoking Guru

    I've had butts that hit in a few hours and butts that seemed to takes days. They have their own timeline and if they hit the plateau they could stay there for 2, 3, 4 even 5 hours depending on size. When I do butts I plan them for tomorrows supper not todays. Smoking in as much as posible should be stress frre and enjoyable unless your getting paid for it! [​IMG]
  12. johnm160

    johnm160 Fire Starter

    Debi, well I am planning it for tomorrows dinner, but of course I am talking about starting it tomorrow too so I guess that don't count. [​IMG]

    What method do you choose to reheat it then?

    It is starting to sound like I should just toss them in now.....

  13. zapper

    zapper Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    I got to tell ya, smoking is definatly not an exact time way to cook. I am like Debi when it comes to planning for the next day. I usually smoke on Friday and Saturday for a Sunday lunch or supper. Smoking something small for Saturday ain't no big deal because it doesn't really matter if we eat at three o'clock or nine o'clock and I am usually snacking as I am smoking anyways, but If we had people coming over for a six o'clock supper, that butt would be a day old already.

    Another thing might be just to figure another three or so hours into the cooking time. If you end up needing the time, you have allowed for it. If you hit finish temps before that just use the excess time for resting (You and the meat) And if you run over, it won't seem like you missed your serving schedule too bad.
  14. johnm160

    johnm160 Fire Starter

    Thanks for the input Zapper I will keep that in mind for next time.

    What is the best way to reheat 17 lbs of pulled pork without drying it out?

    Oh and The butts went in at about 3:10 so we are officially smoking!

  15. johnm160

    johnm160 Fire Starter

    Things are coming along nicely. I butt is at 145 and the other is closer to 160 as of 8am so just about 5 hours so far.

    Will get some qview a little later since my daughter has the camera in her room and I dont want to wake her up.

  16. glued2it

    glued2it Master of the Pit

    Sounds good! getting ready to throw one on the smoker now.
  17. bbq bubba

    bbq bubba Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Pre foil pic's pleeze!!
  18. zapper

    zapper Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    To be honest I have never reheated that much at one time in one portion. What I typically do with left overs and an intentional additional butt, is pull it and then divide everything into family sized meal porportions. I use Zip Lock and other types of plastic freezer containers from like 1/2 pint to quart sized. I keep a day or two worth in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. The microwave safe containers get nuked, the non-microwave save containers get dumped into a glass casserol and nuked. Sometimes I might add a tablespoon of water to it before nuking, I don't know that it is needed, I don't stir while it is cooking, but it probabally would be a good idea (microwave cooking is another whole subject). A seal-a-meal with boil-in bags would be great, maybe Xmas?

    Meanwhile, back on the ranch......

    17 pounds! Now we need to know if you want atleast one whole butt for presentation to your guest if it is a party that you are a 'havin. I would assume that you do, just for bragging rights! What good is all of your work and know how if you can't show it off? The ooooohs and aaahs are an important part for ones ego.

    Reheat that one wrapped in foil with some extra juice in the oven or in the smoker maybe 350 until it gets up to temp, and then give it maybe 30 minutes unwraped in the oven/smoker to dry up the bark if you like. Foil and re-rest. Plop it down into the middle of the prepulled meat and yell "Come and get it!"

    Another advantage to cooking a day ahead of time is that cold meat will slice alot better, so if you plan on slicing any, stop cooking that butt earlier (180-85 ish), rest, fridge overnight, slice, wrap, reheat, and then serve.

    Even if you are throwing a party, I would guess that reheating in smaller portions might be a better way. I am assuming that they would reheat faster and you could control the quanity better (no sense rehating food for twenty if only five showed up.

    PS (like I haven't rambled on enough)

    Pulling (Assuming that you are going too)
    I caught something the other day about butts turning to "mush". Ain't no doubt that they will get very tender when foiled. I have had them so tender that it wasn't really pulling it as much as stirring it (Almost to a pate'). This would be a no no (The stirring that is) Don't overwork the meat as you pull it, I have found that it is best for me to pull off a chunk and work it down to a medium coarse pull or shred using tongs in one hand and a fork in the other. Trying to work with too much meat at one time seems to lead to some of the meat getting pulled twice or getting over shredded. Leave it coarse, it will continue to get finer with every handling and in general the meat is so tender that biteing through a bigger peice is not all that hard to do.
  19. johnm160

    johnm160 Fire Starter

    Good info Zapper,

    yep 17 lbs between the two of them, not really a party but when we get the immediate family together it is 9 but they eat like at least 12- 14.....LOL. If it is too much butt, Oh well I will have to deal with that. [​IMG]

    Here is some qview, the one on the right I think is just about ready to come out....190ish on the temp. The one on the left is about 10 degrees behind.
  20. smokeys my pet

    smokeys my pet Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Looks good and now I am hungry again and just finished eating a huge dinner at my in laws.

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