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  1. I have made a lot of Canadian Bacon, and decided to give belly bacon a shot. I bought a 13 lb Kurobuta Pork Belly through a buddy of mine at a really good price. I sliced a 2 lb section off of the end, and put it in the freezer for braising at a later date. I placed the rest of it in Pop's wet curing brine, and let it go for 21 days. I would have pulled it out sooner, but I ended up having to work straight through the last 11 days before I smoked it. That being said, it still came out fine.

    I weighted it down in the Lug with an empty pan and 2 gallon Ziploc bags of water.  I added some cane syrup to the brine, which gives it this dark brown color.

    into the fridge for duration

    Pulled it out of the brine, sliced off the riblets ( they got diced up and fried and added to everything for the next 24 hours) dried it off, and placed it on the Kitchen table under the ceiling fan for a couple of hours. After it had dried and started to form a pellicle, I placed it back in the cleaned lug, on top of a wire rack, and back into the fridge overnight.

    I got up early the next morning and got it in the smoker by 6:30 a.m. I cold smoked it for 12.5 hrs with Apple wood. I did not light the smoker at all. Ambient temperature reached about 80 degrees. I used my A-maze-n tube smoker and placed it on a rack under the chip box and opened the intake vents all the way. Worked like a champ. Had to refill it a few times during the day.

    I pulled it out of the smoker and placed it back in the lug on a rack. Covered it, and back in the fridge for another night.

    Carried it back to my buddy, and he sliced it for me. It is double stacked, so there is twice as much as it looks like. I got it bagged and vacuum packed and into the freezer. I did fry some up, and made a turkey BLT wrap with avocado for dinner. It was delicious!

    Sorry, I didn't take any pics of it cooking. I will try to update the thread with some pics of it cooked. Thanks for the advice I got along the way from a few good members. I will most definitely be doing this again.
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  2. bearcarver

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    Looks real nice from here, Bill !![​IMG]

    Nice Job!!

  3. c farmer

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    That looks like great bacon.

    Nice job.
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    I don't know if its because of the wait during the brine or what but there just isn't a thrill I have found smoking that beats bacon. Andouille and ham are up there close, but its always a happy day when you are smoking.

    BTW just ordered a case of bellies I hope...LOL I need to call the butcher back.

    That is some fine looking bacon. That was a beautiful side you had....... That's gotta be some awesome bacon!
  5. Thats some real nice lookin bacon!! Looks like it is sliced at the perfect thickness.
  6. Thanks Bear!
    Thanks c farmer!
    Thanks Foamheart. I get the same feeling with anything that has to sit in a curing brine for a while. Since this was my first bacon, I was probably the most anxious about it. I agree that any day smoking is a good day. Good luck with the case of bellies. It really did turn out to be some great bacon, but I dont know how often I can afford to pay for that kind of pork belly. I will have to see how long this lasts me.
    Thanks Deuce! They sliced it up right for me. Always good to have chef buddies.
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    The many years I lived away from home I got where I used bacon in everything for seasoning. Now back home, I have started making andouille that I  like and currently doing my homework to start making tasso. Basically that will cut way back on my bacon usage, andouille in the pots and tasso on the veggies (and a tasso cream sauce...OMG!!!!). That leaves bacon for bacon, and using some of Pop's most excellent breakfast sausage to off set that!

    Its not too bad when you get the total package. We can always go to Ft.Worth and raid Pop's freezer!
  8. Very nice job with your first bacon man!  [​IMG]
  9. I can relate to that. I have been using sausage for seasoning in almost everything, and now have moved toward using some pork belly, and am also working on getting some tasso made. Im interested to see how some of my recipes will taste with tasso rather than sausage. If you have an andouille recipe you wouldn't mind sharing, I would love to have it. I have made some from a mix that is decent, but I would love to have a good recipe to mix up the seasoning myself. I found what I believe is a pretty good tasso recipe that I will be making very soon. Hopefully it is as good as it looks.
    Thanks B!
  10. Please shoot me an email with your tasso recipe.  I live in porque country and would like to make a butt that's way spicier than what's available here.  Toooooo mild otherwise.
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