finishing sauces and rubs pulled pork

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    [size=+2]· [/size]2 Tbs. kosher salt (NEVER use iodized salt, it ruins stuff)
    [size=+2]· [/size]2 Tbs. sugar (I prefer Hawaii raw when I can get it.)
    [size=+2]· [/size]2 Tbs. brown sugar
    [size=+2]· [/size]2 Tbs. ground cumin seed
    [size=+2]· [/size]2 Tbs. chili powder (pure not with garlic etc. added)
    [size=+2]· [/size]2 Tbs. cracked black pepper
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 Tbs. cayenne pepper (there is no substitute)
    [size=+2]· [/size]4 Tbs. Hungarian paprika
    [size=+2]· [/size]2 Tbs. ground sage (my secret ingredient)
    Makes 1 cup
    Blend all. This you will use to cover the raw pork (we started out cooking the red coats in this country a couple of three hundred years ago and we still carry on the tradition today). Some say to leave it on and wrap it up for hours and/or days in fridge. Personally I have tried that but can not tell the difference when it has been on only 1 hour. So hay, if you're into waiting, God bless you.
    (A)The Traditional North Carolina Sauce I grew up with.
    This would be from my mothers side of the family who are a bunch of flatlanders near the coast. We only came down out of the hills to see them just enough to keep the peace in the family and my mother from running back home for good. She hated the mountains. We all loved her folks.
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 C white vinegar
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 C cider vinegar
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 Tbs. sugar (Hawaii style when you can)
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 Tbs. cayenne pepper (fresh ones split 2 of em instead soak 2 days or more is best)
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 Tbs. Tabasco sauce
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 tsp. kosher salt
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 tsp. cracked black pepper
    Makes 2 Cups
    Place in a bottle with small neck that will allow you to shake it out a little at a time. (B)Western North Carolina (Piedmont) style sauce
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 C ketchup (Hot type)
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 C water (bottled plain if you have fluorinated/treated) yuck:~(
    [size=+2]· [/size]¼ C apple cider vinegar
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 onion chopped fine
    [size=+2]· [/size]3 cloves crushed garlic or 1 clove elephant garlic from Gilroy, CA
    [size=+2]· [/size]2 Tbs. brown sugar
    [size=+2]· [/size]2 Tbs. molasses (How can y'all have Mo lasses if you ain't had lasses da furst time?)
    [size=+2]· [/size]2 Tbs. dry mustard (Coleman's English double fine is good)
    [size=+2]· [/size]1 tsp.. cayenne or one fresh cut into ringlets seeds and all.
    Simmer for twenty minutes over low heat.

    how come we can not have a sticky for rubs and sauces.
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    Hey Coyote, just made up some of your rub to try on a butt hopefully tomarrow. Man, it smells awesome, cant wait to taste it. Thanks for sharing it with us...[​IMG]
  3. I'm back after about a week of misery and having four wisdom teeth pulled (pain killers are a good thing but eating soft food stinks! I'm starving!). I celebrated feeling better last night by buying a couple racks of baby backs that were on sale at the supermarket (and some beer too!). I can't do the smoke this weekend (pouring rain and cold up here in the NW this weekend--feels like February) but I'm going to give it a go next weekend if things clear up. I'm going to try your rub with the Piedmont sauce, which is new to me. Thanks for the recipes!
  4. I should mention that I saw that your recipe is for pulled pork, but I want to try it on ribs anyhow. If you think that is a disaster in the making, let me know! Thanks.
  5. coyote

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    I did not make this recipe..I found it while putzin around the www.
    and when I read it.(there was no copy right) I tagged it and brought it over to smf for all to view, try and looked pretty darn good.

    and as far as using it on ribs..heck yea. should be great on them..
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    Thanks for sharing... they all look good... Now I have to remember to write them down..
  7. Hey Coyote, no need to worry about finding the recipes on the web and sharing. All that matters is that you found something great and shared it with the rest of us to try. I'll let you know how the ribs turn out when I get around to doing them. Good weekend and good smoking to you!
  8. coyote

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    thanks, and have a great smokin weekend

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