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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by upstatejay, May 14, 2015.

  1. Hi Jay,

    I have never smoked a chicken but i would think a good way to start small is to have foil pouch or smoker box of wood chips to put on you BBQ while cooking. I do this with ribs all the time, have a hot side of the BBQ to put the chips and put the meat on the other side. After the smoke is gone continue bbq'ing. That's my easy answer.

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  2. how do I post a picture of my smoker?
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    Jay, I have smoked many chickens on a vertical stand with apples in the cavity or cherry Dr. pepper and other things. Always with very good results. Next week I'll be doing a couple of spatchcocked (butterflied) chickens. There are many threads on this site with recipes for both methods. I think the spatchcocked will cook a little crispier and will be done quicker. I read just recently about someone who cooked the vertical chicken with the breast down. He said that the juices from the leg and thigh basted the breast and it turned out juicier. The good thing about a chicken is that it's almost impossible to screw up. Good luck and keep on smoking, Joe
  4. Do you see the square button with a mountain and a son or moon in it? (Next to the paper clip). Use that button to upload a pic.

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    Welcome to SMF! :welcome:
    We're glad to have you. The search bar at the top is your most valuable resource here. This forum has been around for over ten years, so there is a good chance that any questions you may have, have already been answered (they may have 10 different answers, but you'll get an instant response non the less).
    Please be sure to post your smokes along with your process and recipes. We will be glad to help you along the way and we may also learn something new ourselves in the process. Also, don't forget the very important Q view! (We're mad for pics on here 😁)
    Always remember to have fun because it's not fun if you have to work at it.
    Thanks for joining,
    - Ryan
  6. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a cool cloudy day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

    Nice Job on the smoker

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    Nice Big poppa Drum build Upstate.  I'll tell you my favorite way to cook a chicken on a drum...spatchcock that bird.  cut the spine out, flatten it out, brine it overnight for 8 hours or so, then on to the grate at about 350.  With the drum and charcoal basket, you'll get a nice smoke / grilled flavor in less than 3 hours.  
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