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Discussion in 'Curing' started by cdn offroader, May 4, 2016.

  1. Hey  all, been away for a while, busy with work and a move. Finally settled in enough to get back to curing properly. Started off with 3 Finocchiona, a couple sudjuk made with beef instead of lamb, a couple sopressata(the ones with the least mold), and more recently a couple of bresaola(seen hanging in the middle of the pack.

    Stole the end off of a Finocchiona for sampling purposes. One of the sudjuk is gone also [​IMG], really good spice.

    Sliced in half for vac packing


    Anyways, all in all happy with the results in the new place. Time to rebuild my stock.
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    Very nice!

    Looks delicious!

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    CDN O , Nice looking products, dry curing is going to be my next step in the sausage making process. [​IMG]
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    Looking good CDN. Did you inoculate the surface with mold or was it natural from the air?
  5. I used some M600 for the salamis, the bresaola just picked it up from them.
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  7. Sweet ! looks like u are just hanging in maybe a basement room in ur home?I enjoy curing but have to add a humidifier to my room to achieve decent results,any info on ur set up would great:)
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    What's up with all the mold?  There must be a purpose for it, but it doesn't look the most appetizing.  I've not done any of this before, so I'm totally new to the cured meats.  
  9. The white mold is a beneficial mold in the penecilin family, (but doesn't affect people with penicillin allergies). It keeps bad mold from forming and slows down the drying process to create a more regulated drying process. It all is exterior mold on the casing, it can be eaten as is, or rinsed with vinegar, or just peeled off with the casing.
  10. Yeah its the old laundry room in my basement, nothing fancy, I have a terrarium heat/humidity controller and an ultrasonic humidifier. The temp is around 55-60F which a little toward the high side, but I like the final product

  11. Awesome!Everything looks great! thx for the post and the info.Dry curing is a lot more complexed than most think,great to see these posts:)Hardest part i find is waiting for the weight drop!lol smells so delicious 😋will post mine soon as bactoferm ,cures and such come in and get some hanging up
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    Great show of charcuterie.
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    Thanks for the link to the controller....  Just what I've been looking for..    I've looked and looked on amazon but never saw that unit... It's perfect as far as I'm concerned...   It's in my basket now....   [​IMG]
  14. No Problem Dave, happy to help, its worked well for me for 2 years now.

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