Ever Tried Grapes?

Discussion in 'Fruit, Nuts & Vegetables' started by john3198, Dec 11, 2009.

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    Yeah, grapes. I had never heard of smoking red seedless grapes, but on a recent vacation to New Orleans, we had some with an after dinner cheese plate at Emeril's restaurant.

    We were sitting at the food bar looking into the kitchen, so we asked the chef about them. "No big deal", he says, "Just 20-30 min in the smoker". I'm thinking, man I gotta try that when I get home.

    So here goes.......we did a smoke the other night with ABT's, some eggs (which I never heard of before this forum - they were great too!), and grapes. Used Hickory.

    We put the grapes onto a vegitable grill tray.....They look wierd in the picture - this was just reflection from the water on the grapes, not mold!

    Onto the smoker for about 20-25 min........see the far right.

    Then the're done. They don't look any different, but boy they sure taste different. Kinda hard to describe. A combination of smoky and sweet. Real nice. I can snack on them forever.

    Try it, you'll like it!
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    Thanks, I will! I eat grapes all the time but never thought about smoking them.
  3. john3198

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    An update with some tips for grapes.

    Made another batch of red seedless on the smoker last night and they were TERRIBLE!!!! I left them on about 30 min and they took on way too much smoke - all you could taste. They aslo lost all their red color that you can see in the first post and sweetness.

    So........life is an experiment. Keep em on no more than 20 min and try them out as you go. I think temps should be low too - 200-225 - so you don't cook them. I'll try some more and report back!

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